How Chris Pratt Transformed From Sitcom Star To Shredded Action Star | Eat Like | Men's Health

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Actor Chris Pratt went through quite the health and fitness transformation over the years and he’s here to share everything he ate to go from sitcom star to ripped action star. Prioritizing real food and fueling his body, Pratt shares the sacrifices he had to make, his go to meals that keep him feeling good throughout the day and spills on his go-to cheat meal. Watch more Men’s Health Eat Like videos HERE:

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  1. Legend, the best average guy ever!…food is becoming so expensive we won’t be able to buy as much so we will all be ripped soon 😂

  2. The woke media hates him because of 2 reasons; his religious/spiritual believes claiming that such make him "hate homosexual people", which he doesn't and never has. And because he eats meat, which he does, and thats healthier than the veganism promoted by Hollywoke, Not because I say so, because of science. That hatred mentioned says a lot about that people that preaches "tolerance", "Individualism", "respect", and claim they are the victims of the lack of it.

  3. What Chris is describing at the beginning is food addiction. , I have it , is horrible to deposit your happiness in those few minutes you are putting junk in your body to then feel miserable until the next meal.

  4. I used to like this guy. But now I really don't like him anymore. Specially after what came out of his mouth. I still don't understand how people didn't Burry him as they did with the Johny D. Ex wife 🤔

  5. "I would jump in buffalo sauce, because I love it too much. And than those SEAL guys would hunt me, because they wanted to eat me."

  6. I can get to like 12-14 hours intermittent fasting, but man, going 18 hours without calories is harsh, especially if you have an active lifestyle

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