How Did Eating Healthy Get So Complicated? Finding Your Best “Diet” for Longevity

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How Did Eating Healthy Get So Complicated? Finding Your Best “Diet” for Longevity

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If you’re not sure about what eating “healthy” means anymore, you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

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We are bombarded with so many opinions about eating a “healthy” diet that it has become unusual when someone is sure about what to eat.
We are regularly exposed to media reports of the latest research or expert advice that can be just the opposite of what was reported last month or last year.

Is low-carb or whole food, plant-based, the best diet?
Should we eat six meals a day? Or is time-restricted eating better?
Should I avoid high-fat foods or be concerned about excess protein?
What about red meat? Salt? Juicing? Protein bars?
And thousands of other questions.

What you will learn is that it’s simpler than it seems.

Create your nutrition system for longevity
Question #1 – What do I NOT eat?
The easiest question to answer – but not easy to achieve.
All healthy diets have one factor in common – the unmistakable, no doubt about it, no credible expert disagrees – thing in common.
All healthy diets minimize or avoid highly processed foods.
These are the foods that are killing us. In the HealthspanMD for Longevity Program, we call these Red Foods because they are the foods that lead to obesity, poor health, and a shortened life.
And even though most believe they don’t eat many Red Foods, the truth is highly processed foods account for 60-70% of the foods we eat and they can be very difficult to see if you’re not looking closely. If you eat anything that comes in a package – likely, it’s highly processed. Baked goods (including many whole-grain breads, bagels, cereals), most snacks, most drinks, breakfast items – well, the list goes on and on. And most of the time, we are fooled into thinking these foods are good for us, or at least not too bad. The food industry is incredibly effective at selling manufactured foods that taste great, don’t fill us up, and are addictive. I encourage all my patients to become food detectives and find out where they eat processed foods – and get rid of them.
Question #2 – What do I eat?
The answer if you want to live a long, healthy life?
Whole – or real – foods.
In the Healthspan for Longevity program, we call these Green Foods – and these are the foods that make up the bulk of all healthy nutrition systems.
Question #3 – How do I eat the right amount for me?
Even if you eat mostly whole foods, too much whole foods are still – well, too much.
What most do when trying to cut back on the amount they eat is count calories. And calorie counting CAN work, but if it hasn’t for you, don’t feel bad. A calorie counting approach fails for 90+% of people.
What we’ve found to be much more effective strategies to eating the right amount for our clients is an Intentional Eating or a time-restricted eating approach.
Question #4 – When should I eat?
The best meal timing will be unique to you. Depending on your goals – eating multiple meals a day, limiting eating to certain hours of the day, or even intermittent fasting – can be highly effective strategies for living a long, healthy life.

You probably recognize, that’s WHAT you need to do – but that’s not the same as HOW to do it. Here’s how I can help with the HOW piece:
Schedule a strategy consultation with us by going to
In this strategy consultation, we will speak with you personally about what is holding you back – how you can start applying these ideas to create your nutrition system – and show you how you can increase your longevity – today.
And the cost of this valuable strategy session– absolutely free.
And in the unlikely event you are ever asked again what your nutrition program is, you’ll be ready 😊
And until then…
Lead the best life
Robert Todd Hurst, MD, FACC, FASE


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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