How Facial Fat Influences Your Looks | What Makes A Face Attractive?

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High bodyfat undesirably rounds out a face, which hides many of the characteristics that make you…you! In this video we cover the aesthetics of facial fat.

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  1. I’ve never been fat but I’ve definitely chubbed up during the pandemic, and now I have a chubby face. However the past year I’ve been slowly losing it, but now I’m really trying to apply myself as I desperately want to see change.

    Thank your for this video.

  2. I think some of these comparisons would work better if they were in same lighting, same angle, and same photo type (aka not iphone camera/literal photoshoot)

  3. I'm 5 feet 10 inches tall
    124 pounds
    Having BMI 17.8
    Yes a skeleton body
    But, I have no idea why my face and nose have more fat than my body

  4. 17 to 20 percent fat percentage in women usually maximizes facial attractiveness?! are you even aware that this fat percentage is very low ?! At 17 I look emaciated and skinny in my whole body. It could be fine when you are young but the older you get the more fat you need at least on your face to look fresh and plump.

  5. I'm still considered socially attractive even though I have gained major weight through illness and am constantly approached and complimented but I'm not as photogenic as I used to be to myself but I do have body dysmorphic tendencies. But my big doe eyes, rounder face, and my fashion aesthetic makes me look younger. I think when I am a healthier weight I'll look a bit older but perhaps not since I think my large eyes give me an air of being younger.

  6. Ooh this makes sense! After i gained a lot of weight i noticed that my eyes were too close together but now im losing it again im no longer insecure about it bc my face shape has changed sm

  7. yeah. i used to be much skinnier and didn’t realised how pretty i was until i gained weight. then my family CONSTANTLY told me how pretty i used to be. and my little sister couldn’t even recognise me in old pics… and i remembered things that happened such as someone having a crush on me when i was skinny and people being much nicer in general. and yet i’m still struggling to lose weight when the benefits are. right. there.

  8. Has anyone done the assessment that is always mentioned towards the end of his vids If so, how was it? How much did it set you back? Was it worth it?

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