How Long Should You Jump Rope Every Day To Lose Weight?

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  1. I came across jumprope challenge last year spring in March. I started at 240lbs. I was able to get down to 150 in like 6/7 months! Insane. I got married two months ago and I guess you can say I put on the happy 15lbs lol. I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. It’s just disappointing when you worked so hard to lose 80lbs and see yourself gain any extra weight is just annoying. This video was randomly in my suggestions so I think it’s a sign from god reminding me how amazing well jumprope was to me😂. I just wanted to say this guys speaking the truth and it does truly work. Just gotta clean up the way you eat for a bit and the weight will melt off.

    Gunna start my journey again and fingers crossed I can get to being 135-140 this time🙏🏾

  2. So iv been on a calorie deficit basically this whole month and that alone has worked wonders
    I eat properly and healthy, love fruits as a snack(like blueberries)
    I’ve almost completely cut off dairy since it kinda isn’t good for my blood type and it makes me BLOATED!!! I could say I eat more foods in my blood type.

    Since fast food made me gain like 13kgs in such a short time, stopped that….cause McDonalds especially is just a no no.

    I balance everything, during the weekend on Saturday/Friday I eat out but even so it’s not processed food. If I’m in a rush I’ll grab a salad at McDonald’s and orange juice
    This month I’ve lost about 4kgs, could’ve been more if I worked out but yeahhh
    I’m happy

    Oh and i intermittent fast also

  3. So i do 1200 jump ropes a day with 6 sets of 200 skips a set and i take 1.5 minutes of break after every set of am i doing fine or do I need to change this??

  4. I jump at least 1000 times per day , at most 3000 times
    So between 9min to 24 minutes per day
    I don’t know if it’s working but I’m doing it bc I’m a runner normally but on vacation, I only took my jumprope with me

  5. Calorie deficits don’t make you lose weight. There no solid research that backs that up. Only thing that matters is burning carbs.

  6. It is the old adege. You cannot out-train a bad diet. Weight problem is caused by your life-style. There is no way to improve your weight situation and not change your lifestyle.

  7. so I do 5 minutes every second day, then 10 minutes every other day? then I do 15 minutes every other day? and I add them up until 30 minutes every other day. When do I start to jump every day?

  8. Is it jumping rope for 30 CONSECUTIVE minutes? I am currently going for 1k skips per session, which is within a 30 – 40 minute period before I get ready for work (I work third shift stocking groceries in a grocery store, which is a workout in its own right). I am seeing some results, however I would like reassurance.

  9. If you don’t change the diet that made you overweight you won’t lose weight with training. BUT training is good for so many other things . Building muscle will improve your insulin deficiency . Calories in and calories out is not real . Hormones and how they react with your food is . Calorie deficiency will eventually lower your basic metabolism . Watch Bart Kay , Anthony Chaffee , Shawn Baker and many more . Doctors .

  10. So I do 50 jumps about 5 times a work out, almost daily. Is that to much? Inbetween sets I just jump rope throughout my workout… is that gona fuck me up?

  11. So, two months ago, I started eating less. In general, I gave up dinner. Although I take a "vacation" on Sundays and eat as usual (like a hungry pig). But no dinner.

    A month ago I started jumping. This video was one of the first that YouTube suggested to me on this topic. Bought some simple jump rope from the nearest store. The first day jumped 50 times x4, with breaks (and a lot of curses).

    The next week I jumped 50 x 10, every other day (except Saturday and Sunday).

    The next two weeks I jumped 50 x 10 every day (except Saturday and Sunday).

    Last week I started jumping 100 x 10, and last Friday I was able to jump 200 times twice (the rest as usual).

    Yesterday I jumped for the first time 1500 times (with breaks, of course).

    I'm still a beginner, I make mistakes, I get tangled up in the rope. When I get tired, there are even more mistakes. I solve this by jumping not over the rope, but near the rope (both handles in one hand).

    In general, after a month of such entertainment, I burned about 6 kilos. I eat less, jump at dawn, long before breakfast, run to the 9th floor without an elevator (the neighbors haven't noticed the weirdo yet).

    My legs ache, of course.

    But you can become better only through pain and suffering. I know this since the days when I was actively cycling in the mountains. Did I like to eat double or triple portions of various delicacies? Of course! Now it's payback time, me lazy fathead.

    I plan to buy a heavier rope and continue to lose weight.

    Don't give up, guys. 30 minutes of fitness a day is a small thing. And this is in general, with breaks. In fact, I jump for maybe 20 minutes. And my cheeks are already smaller. And the waist too.

  12. I won't be able to buy a jump rope for a few days, is a good alternative to do jumping Jack's with 5 pound dumbbells?

  13. I watched this video and didn't care. Jumproped 40-1hr min a day. NOw I think I have shin splints. Now I dont know how to treat it and for how long

  14. To anyone starting, i did 10 minutes every 2-3 days at the beginning, 2 months later i do 20 mins every day,trying to raise it to 30,go slowly,work your way up, dont be upset with yourself if youre doing much less, just work your way up

  15. this was amazing. thank you for being straight to the point and giving tips! been wanting to start jump roping since forever and this really gave me the confidence to start

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