How overturning Roe v. Wade would affect public health

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Doctors and Democratic lawmakers, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, have said making abortions illegal would disproportionately hurt lower-income women and women of color. Dr. Celine Gounder, editor-at-large for public health at Kaiser Health News and an infectious disease specialist, joins CBS News to discuss the public health ramifications of women in America losing access to legal abortions.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. I am pro choice but this whole skirting around mentioning how cheap and effective condoms are is a bit rediculous to me

  2. Public Health? You have to be kidding?! Let's talk about how the Clinton Foundation and Planned Parenthood will have to find a job after losing funding!!!

  3. A Woman's Rights To Her Autonomy and Privacy Reproductive Care
    It's Unrealistic to Deny a Woman to have a Abortion in this State, when her Reproductive systems to have or not to have is not The Business of The State. Seeing that the Times has changed for 'families' and the withal to afford such costs to raise up a child. – What ever that anyone does with or to their bodies, is not and will not SAVE YOU or anyone else for that matter.

  4. All of these anti abortion people must be able to perform miracles and take care of alll the unwanted children after they are born into families that can’t afford them and don’t want them. These types of people neverrrr address the quality of life after the child is born but want to make decisions to force the child to be born. Idiotic

  5. Also realize how they use such a small percentage of women to back abortion. Look up the stats. Rape and incest is like 4-5 percent of all abortions.

  6. Abortions have always been used to limit populations of certain ethnicities and democrats have mastered the art.

  7. Has any of these whacko lunatic Democrats ever heard of using a “Condom” they don’t need insurance, don’t need government assistance. Maybe the female close there legs and the male use a condom and practice safe sex. It’s called common sense

  8. Well, Have any of these Democratic idiots ever heard of using a Condom and practicing safe sex. Don’t need insurance, don’t need government funding. Close your legs or use a condom. It’s called being responsible

  9. ladies, if you want to keep your bodies, then vote against all christo-fascists in november because your lives literally depend on it.

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  11. Treasonous narcissist criminal career politicians and holliwood elites would lose BILLIONS. ABORTION WILL STILL BE LEGAL. Boundaries is responsible. STOP killing full term babies.

  12. I know many people who are here today by means of In Vitro. I know that many people will know people who have chosen some means of reproductive help. It is common for individuals to seek out Artifical Reproductive Technology. Persons are choosing to become parents by a surrogate. In fact, adoption is becoming more difficult. Many options were not possible in 1973. Becoming pregnant or ending pregancy today, is an equal choice in the 21st Century. Either choice presents chanllenges on a personal level. In our society, individuals have rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The US does not give persons monetary bonuses for term pregnancies as Sweden does. And I hope that the US will never adopt the possibility for only totally healthy full term pregnancies. Every challenge of bringing forth a healthy pregnancy is made by the person. This all sounds like science fiction and yet, what was science fiction in the 20th Century is our future. Every challenge of nurturing and supporting the new child is personal responsibility. We are now approaching a new territory of making decisions which will effect our free choice and how we will live. Be very careful.

  13. It's a states rights issue. You don't have a constitutional right to an abortion.

    Goto NY or Kalifornia and abort away…have a ball

  14. Hey, you know what else we should do? We should make it a state decision whether or not we’re able to keep and bear arms…

    Oh, did you become instantly offended because now it affects the red team? Crazy. Snowflakey even. If you want to have guns, vote with your feet. Or close your legs or something.

  15. Those republican politics mistresses will have to go to a liberal state to get that abortion now! Big Government republicans love it!

  16. Remember: five corporations own all of our media and you're a damn fool if you don't think they're in cahoots with the government.

  17. Like they did before the Brexit vote and so many other issues – war, economic catastrophe, dead people, the destruction of all we hold sacred – all will happen if we ever ever go against the Left and THEIR values.

  18. If a woman kills another woman and you tell her to stop doing it. Are you suppressing women’s rights or saving women’s rights?

  19. So technically pedophiles who rape young girls will now also force the child to carry their child else the young girl has to not only force the trauma of the rape but also risk ending their own life carrying an embryo to full term… Republicans you are definitely a godless evil bunch devote of a heart and empathy.

  20. Trump tells all kinds of stuff to Putin and Kim and Republicans do nothing. A possible life changing decision is “leaked” to the public and they go nuts. I guess this shows where Republican loyalties lie.

  21. Why is it, minorities have LARGER families then anglo? Why does the news tell us that women with families can not work because of child care yet Warren says they do ? Has any one looked at what it takes to receive welfare ,food stamps and aide? A article was posted a while back giving the numbers out. The government will even pay a grandmother to watch her grand children. Having children is a well paid INDUSTRY for the ones who play the system.

  22. it wouldnt…….. Abortions would still be a thing for medical issues if the baby is a medical hazard for the mom

  23. So few women in poorer aras don't have access to child care. Ever heard of a condom their about 99% effective.

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