How Society Affects Your Health: Crash Course Public Health #4

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Society does a lot to improve our health, from sanitation to healthy foods. But society can have negative impacts on our health as well, and whether or not we get the positive impacts or the negative ones, can often come down to social and economic standing. In this episode of Crash Course Public Health, we’re going to take a look at some of the basic societal elements that affect our health, and why they are often tied to economic inequality.

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Introduction: Society and Your Health 00:00
Defining Society 01:42
Food Inequality 03:12
Housing Inequality 04:54
Healthcare Inequality 05:31
Income Inequality 07:43
Socioeconomic Status 10:04
Review & Credits 12:14

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. I find myself unreasonably fascinated with the soap opera like world of squat, cube poo producing marsupial researchers and support staff.

    Please make at least five seasons, I will binge it all.

    This is the show the world needs right now. 🤣

  2. As an American, nothing quite demonstrated "how society effects your health" like the COVID pandemic, that's for sure. Our widespread misinformation campaigns and distrust of science paved the way for over a million deaths and counting. To say nothing of all those who suffered their way through it and survived, and the long term health defects they'll be stuck with which will burden our health systems for decades to come. I'm truly at a loss in how this absolute catastrophe hasn't caused us to re-evaluate our healthcare priorities as a society. To rebuild on these ashes with the same shoddy oil-soaked wood is to just ensure it catches fire again down the line.

    It truly seems like we value an ephemeral, poorly-defined idea of "freedom" above valuing each other. As if there aren't other countries over the bend proving every day it's absolutely possible to do both.

  3. 02:30 – Just to emphasise… the main thing that happened since the 1800s is the awesomely large reduction in child mortality. Even back then quite a number of adults (i.e. past the hurdle of high child mortality) lived to what we'd still consider 'an old age'. Just because the average age at death was, e.g. 34 years doesn't mean that hardly any adults lived longer than that.

  4. Every job is important, every worker matters. Accruing value from investments isn't a job. Capital only matters as long as we rely on money to establish hierarchies.

  5. As someone in Canada, I am always baffled my American friends are waiting to go for care. If I have even a slight concern, I go to get a checkup and some care, and often I catch things before they inhibit me. Whereas my American friends don’t get help until they’ve already allowed the illness to escalate to the point of sever inhibiting symptoms.

  6. What happens if something motivates people to stop being doctors? Now we have only a few doctors for a massive number of people who need care. What would happen to the quality of care?

  7. As a disabled person, I find this subject very fascinating. I hope that a future episode talks about the Social Model of Disability to illustrate to what extend disabled people are handicapped by society.

  8. I haven't watched Crash Course in a while but the health topic interested me, so I clicked on the video and immediately went "Wait, that's the Braincraft lady!"

  9. it's been a year and a half since i started my disability application. And to qualify i need to….. go to the doctor…. that i can't afford…. and can't get to……….
    i used to not understand panic laughing…………

  10. the paleo nerd in me wants to call places where food is too expensive "food grass lands"
    but i'm assuming that's too niche of a reference compared to Food Swamp and Food Desert
    and you'd have to say it Food Grassl'nd to make it feel right imo

  11. The most dangerous disease of societies is psychological disease and the name of this psychological disease is selfishness and seems that this will always be the case..unfortunately

  12. propaganda also plays a large part in what is labeled healthy or not… i'll leave the smart ones to understand…

  13. Would have been important to note that the very low life expectancy in the 1800s was mostly due to the large number of children not surviving to 5 years of age. Skews the statistics a bit.

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