How the Environment Affects Your Health: Crash Course Public Health #3

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There is no denying the effect that our environment has on us. Things like water and air pollution are detrimental to our health. In this episode of Crash Course Public Health, we’ll take a look at some of the ways our environment impacts us, why marginalized and low-income populations are disproportionately exposed to environmental pollution, and what we can do about it.

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Introduction: The Environment and Your Health 00:00
Defining our Environment 2:09
Air Pollution 3:43
Water Pollution 6:27
The Neighborhood Factor 8:11
Environmental Justice 11:59
Climate Change 12:11
Review & Credits 13:28

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Am existing in Phoenix, AZ. Use to come here if you had a breathing problem. No longer. Now almost daily, we have a hi pollution- ozone pollution. Because I have COPD, been wearing a mask for 12 years, during those days. i remember when visiting and living in Los Angeles. The smog was so bad that your eyes would burn and very hard to breath. Has gotten better there.

  2. I have visited Chicago in the summer (which feels very fresh for my tropical standards) and I cannot believe it had a 50+ °C wave. What a terrible disaster, barely mentioned by the people that tells the city's history.

  3. A lot of people missing the point…. the weather example was not a focus directly on climate but rather how climate is inextricably linked to socioeconomic realities. If you live in an impoverished area, you are more likely to suffer from the effects of climate or disease as you are literally less protected by your city.

  4. people will still not care about this cause government diverting the topic and people also not showing concerns cause they will be gone in few years so they don't care

  5. eeeey! Its Vanessa from Braincraft! Crash Course is a veritable Who's who of my subscriptions list haha.

  6. Still love how almost nobody talks about how all the roads and parking lots contribute to higher temperatures.
    No, I'm not saying that's all it is.. just saying it does play a part in the issue.

  7. Sick of heat? You need to visit India and see what temperatures are like…
    Let's add some Power cuts too.

  8. Can you make a video about superfund sites in the US? Would really appreciate bc most people don't know about them. thanks!

  9. When you look at the map for 1995 and the one for covid, the pins are not at all in the same zones as the heat event in 1995.

  10. It’s not “human activity and growth” as a whole who has caused the climate crisis but particularly certain countries.
    Nevertheless all counties should take action.

  11. Yay my town! But horrible weather in unexpected intervals is par for the course here in Chicago. Remember the Winter of No Winter? I do. It was over 70 or even 80 all winter except in 2 days in Feb when it snowed and then spring came. This year? What heat wave. Seriously it went around us, and I've seen that happen before with other weather systems. I think it has to do with our spot right by the Lake and in the middle of every weather front east of the Rockys.

    I remain convinced that come the goddamn apocalypse – any of them – it'll be the last major city on Earth. While the eastern seaboard is leaving to join Atlantis, the CA coast cracks off the mainland from the Big One, the SW turns into the Sahara, Canada is replaced by a glacier, and the Evangelicals all get dragged into a portal to Hell down in the South, we'll be sitting here like "huh, weather's a little weird this year," and then go about our lives wishing we still had coffee.

  12. don't forget racism. It is impossible to get a taxi in those neighborhoods, bus routes are limited, and those 2 hr wait times for an ambulance…. ambulance service may not even bother with certain neighborhoods. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said of Chicago that it would never be integrated because of the intrinsic racism. It's not just about climate change, it is about racism. If the pandemic showed us anything it's that white people can afford to drop everything and buy a second or third or forth house in Montana. how do we hold people accountable when we won't name them?

  13. my father kept me from using cast iron pans by saying not to ever use the ones we had. that they were too complicated to take care of.
    i'm so angry

  14. We need this addressed!!! I'm done with no understanding that this is a health matter!!! We have to work together

  15. Awesome video but I’m trying to look for the astronomy playlist. Anyone have the link if there is one?

  16. Yeahh particulates. Its the hazardous materials in the air. When I would take air samples at construction sites to ensure things like asbestos wasn’t being exposed in alarming levels.

  17. Thanks for referencing Dr Bullard. It would have been helpful to reference the divide between urban impacts and rural impacts, because so many of the companies changing the climate are operating from black, rural areas like port Arthur. Port Arthur is already hurt, and will be increasingly harmed by "CCUS" which is touted as a climate solution, but has increased particulate matter in Black Rural, formerly enslaved areas like Port Arthur, Sulphur, St James, Reaerve and Ironton. The Plantation Economy of the United States has never left us, the struggle continues against the plantation owners who are making the planet uninhabitable.

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