How to manage hunger when trying to lose weight

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What’s the number 1 reason most people abandon a weight loss diet? Hunger. But what is hunger, exactly? Is there any way to lose weight in a healthy way without feeling hungry? In this video you’ll learn how to keep hunger at bay so you can achieve weight loss success.

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Table of contents for this video:
00:30 What is hunger?
01:11 Hunger vs. appetite
02:33 Other reasons you may want to eat
03:31 How to reduce hunger
06:53 The 4 R’s that will help you conquer hunger

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  1. That was helpful its funny I have always lived this way until lockdown happened. It was over by the third time.

  2. Binge on fruits on those days when you're extra hungry. Id stay away from the junk, especially when you can't control yourself. Helps a lot. Fills you up fast without all the calories.

  3. Not true it's cravings food addiction is number one! The truth is most of the time it's not that we are hungry it's we are craving food.

  4. Interesting but when it comes to keto no individual can be 100% sure to be in ketoscis state unless exams are done, so I don't understand how some Dr, dieticians can push that on just any individual although I see how it could work if it's been followed by professionals.

  5. Thankyou so much. I think I knew this all but it’s good to have the support I need. Would I actually need to eat just to hunger and ignore calories while breastfeeding my 11month old baby? He drinks a lot eats a bit here and there if whatever we eat

  6. I’m sorry, but for the part about RATING FOR REASONS THAT FEEL LIKE HUNGER are a load of crap for me. When I eat I eat when I’m happy and hungry. I never eat stressed. I do the complete opposite, when I’m stressed I don’t eat which in turn I end up losing weight. If I eat when I’m stressed, i feel sick. When I’m bored I do other things to keep myself occupied. Everyone is different but it seems that in all these types of videos it only caters for one type of people.

  7. A lot of the cravings also comes from lack of minerals and salts that are being pulled out when eating plant foods or high carb food.

  8. When you say 'Diabetes Educator ' do you mean Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes? It would be really helpful if you could be clear about the difference.

  9. I'm 88 lbs. down since last June following this exact protocol. Honestly, on eating days I only eat 50-60% as many calories as I used to, simply because it was carbs that made me so ravenous all the time, while fat and protein are wonderfully satiating. I love this delicious way of eating so much, and wish I had known what I know now, 40 years ago! Then I wouldn't have had to lose 50+ lbs. over and over and over again.

  10. A personal difference between hunger and appetite is relevamt to me. The bitterness or strong un-tasty flavor of a food is more than just suppressing hunger or even decreasing appetite. In my experience, unsweetened black coffee and the slight discomfort of a boild egg yolk stays on your tongue long enough that you don't want anything to eat at all. Suppressing your hunger is a thing but cutting the urge to eat even in the presence of a tasty food, is a totally different effect.
    Needless to say, this doesn't help if your actually hungry; it is to say that you don't need to fight that urge of eating when you're full, even if you wanted to eat had that taste not been in your tongue at the moment.

  11. Thank you, you answered a lot of questions that I had and couldn’t find answers to. You have a lot of knowledge.

  12. When I get hungry after 6:30pm, I can use Wim Hof breathing to redirect and relax. I don't know why it works, but maybe it is because the breathing exercise lasts about 20 mins and that is how long the feeling of hunger lasts. If that does not work, I may eat 2 cans of herrings and that usually work. The worst thing I can do is to eat carbs after 6:30pm, it destroys my sleep quality for the night.

    Oh, one more trick that sometimes work. I take 1/2 teaspoon of salt with some water. Sometimes I stop feeling hungry for a while.

  13. Water…water…and MORE WATER!!! I hated drinking water but I put MIO energy drops in my bottle and drink until I can’t drink anymore. It helps me to not eat out of boredom. I also snack when I’m hungry but I snack on keto friendly foods. Nuts, cheese, or beef jerky. It helps me last until mealtime. Keto is the most amazing lifestyle I’ve ever chosen to do! I am so healthy and happy now. I’ve lost so much weight it’s amazing! Not to mention how healthy it is to eat keto not just for weight loss but for health!

  14. I don't get ger this, she seems to have one foot in one foot out. Diet Doctor promotes LCHF, low carb, moderate amounts of protein and high fat. She repeats all the way through this video, low carb, high protein, add a little fat.
    This is the type of diet that left feeling slightly hungry, lethargic and struggling to loose weight.
    I then tried moderate amounts of protein, usually very fatty meat like pork and lamb chops, streaky bacon, salmon, but used lots of very low carb veg as a vehicle to eat fat, i.e stir fry or mash veg adding plenty of butter or salad with lots of olive oil etc.
    This turbo charged my weight loss and high carb hunger (Hangry) completely disappeared leaving me with constant energy and intermittent fasting was an absolute breeze.

  15. Very nice presentation! I do intermittent fasting, usually eating in a 5-6 hour window, either one or two meals per day. I am shocked how great I feel at 59. I do a keto/low carb. I just need to make sure that I am getting enough protein because I really don’t get all that hungry anymore. I also drink a minimum of one gallon of water a day. I mix with an amino energy blend and I drink all day long. Seems to be working. I was concerned about keeping my brain working well, low carb seems to work the best for me! God bless you all!

  16. Very true. On keto & intermittent fasting I have absolutely no cravings and when hungry I fill with a smaller plate of food when protein is more. Being elderly I need extra protein-which can be difficult as there’s only so much room. I now eat one meal a day as I just cannot eat more. BUT what is key is choosing nutrient dense foods so what I can fit in really counts.

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