How To Save At Least $300 On Health Insurance

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Most Americans are bad at figuring out which health insurance plan will save them money. A study of almost 24,000 employees at a major Fortune 100 company found that 61% of them chose the wrong plan for their needs and estimated that the average employee could have saved $372 per year by choosing a different plan. Watch the video above to learn why Americans struggle to pick the most financially beneficial insurance plan for them and how to pick the right one.

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How To Save At Least $300 On Health Insurance


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. The question is what r u really getting and remember nothing for free..they may tell u it is but ask they will gaslight u…ask this why r insurance give free check ups but still billing out of your payment to them then turn around send u to doctors who re do everything so double payments? But doctors get kickbacks also? So they dont care? So who's really sticking it to us the doctors or insurance? How much is each person paying?

  2. That’s how much people actually care, they won’t help you unless you have money kids my ass I hate everyone and this world is going on fire soon

  3. this video is about telling you how bad you are at picking a health insurance plan and not actually telling you how to be better at it

  4. Me and my wife have no idea how to get health insurance so I decided to check YouTube and I still have no clue

  5. The economic crisis is just a time that differentiates the wise from the other, the wise will invest right now either in stock or cryptocurrency just to hold some shares of something.

  6. Can't just stop recommending him enough for his tireless efforts and his tremendous by this people ,truly the best👆👆

  7. Can't just stop recommending him enough for his tireless efforts and his tremendous by this people ,truly the best👆👆

  8. Pay a premium. Pay a deductible. Pay a co-pay. Then get denied or be told you have to ask special permission to go to the doctor you want. It’s a giant scam. It’s necessary but it’s a scam.

  9. I would LOVE it if the U.S. had insurance plans that actually provided really good coverage. For example, some routine screenings such as a colonoscopy still are VERY expensive even with insurance.

  10. Ah yes America, where bearing arms are a human right and Healthcare a luxury !! If I wasn't in the army I'd be going to 🇩🇪

  11. I highly disagree with her regarding high deductible plans. if you’re a younger, healthy person just starting out in the work force, i think low deductible plans are much better and end up costing much less. With my previous company, i had a high deductible plan, and it was so hard for me to reach that deductible before my plan would cover ANYTHING. I made the mistake of thinking that just because I’m young and healthy, that meant I’d never have to go to the doctor and therefore wouldn’t need to meet the deductible. Meaning, any little thing i had to go to the doctors for, i was on the hook to pay it up front, same for prescriptions. I ended up paying over 2,000 out of pocket (which still didn’t meet the out of pocket maximum!!!) plus prescriptions and the and co pays over the course of a year. Even now with a new plan that started in Jan 2022, i didn’t meet that deductible before the plan ended. Now i have a low deductible plan and the experiences are night and day. Everything is covered basically from day one and the prescriptions i used to have are now covered by my insurance. Roughly, i won’t pay over 1200 this year with the new plan, and that’s IF i need to meet the deductible, which is only 200$. After paying 200$, my insurance covers everything up to 90%. I think that wasn’t great advice and she should’ve clarified what types of plans are best for different kinds of people instead of making that general statement

  12. All this confusion is by design. Health insurance companies profit when you’re confused. They actively make money by making the experience worse for consumers. What other business functions like that?

  13. Ah yes the "choice" of health insurance. Aka your employer telling you what plan you will have if you want remotely affordable coverage.

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  15. The real investor am so grateful for the 5btc you sent to my wallet my friend we know about this👆👆👆.

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  18. thus by showing many options to customers they will choose the wrong product and waste their money with life

  19. how? most americans need to pick, actually buy, the insurance plan from insurance company recommended and advertised by cnbc

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