HOW TO STOP PEOPLE PLEASING | Lesson #1 Apologizing The Healthy Way

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HOW TO STOP PEOPLE PLEASING starts with boundaries and one of the most difficult is learning how to say I’m sorry THE RIGHT WAY. Apologizing to a girlfriend, boyfriend, coworker or someone else is not always clearcut and sometimes feels as if you have to compromise your boundaries or make amends for something you didn’t do.
Saying I’m sorry is never about the other guy. It’s about keeping our side of the street clean. Sometimes this means we shouldn’t be making an apology at all. Other times it means we have to do it even when we don’t want to. But either way, it’s about taking care of ourselves, getting rid of resentment, and feeling clean at the end of the day
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  1. Thank you! Looking at a situation in my life, I see I have made some snide comments about the world situation to someone who feels differently. The other party is probably mad about that but much madder about something else, that I stand clean with. I see that I can appologize for the snide cracks to clean up that and retain my voice/ sovereignty and self worth about the orher thing. The ball is in her court once my side is clean.

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