How UK Healthcare Leaves Trans People Behind | Transnational

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In “Lives on the Line,” from the series Transnational, VICE News correspondent Freddy McConnell travels the UK to hear from trans people living in limbo as they struggle to access healthcare. Some have waited years to get just an initial assessment for gender-affirming treatment, while others say they’ve been abandoned between stages of a surgical procedure. McConnell explores the impact of this neglect, and how it’s fueled by a wider culture war over trans rights.

This film originally aired on VICE News in 2021.

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  1. As a 60+ year old woman waiting for 3 years for an operation that will significantly improve my quality of life , having paid into the NHS for over 40 years, I struggle to feel sympathy for you guys

  2. Born a man. Be a man and deal with it.
    Born a woman. Be a woman and deal with it . The worlds gone barking mad.

  3. God what a stupid title: ‘they won’t let us mutilate our minor selves or minor children to just be ‘what we want’ with no real psychological help! What oppressors!’ These people are genuinely out of their minds. It’s horrific. They’ll drive our society into the ground as they continue to worsen their own mental health through their totally unhealthy choices -and ask the rest of us to pay for it. No. Just no. You’re wrong and we’re not obligated to help you hurt yourselves in any way, shape, or form.

  4. I used to like 'gender-bending', but since this 'trans' nonsense got going, particularly with minors, I won't be seen dead in a skirt.

  5. Why is the UK such a disgusting country? I mean, you expect things like that from Russia or Sudan, but the UK Is now just the same.

  6. You can’t have it both ways. Trans activists claim gender dysphoria isn’t a mental illness but want the NHS to fund blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery? So basically they want the taxpayer to fund cosmetic surgery. Also, puberty blockers reversible? No.

  7. Isn't Tavistock getting sued for malpractice? A fancy word which here means "medically experimenting on children"?

  8. Social media and the trans activists and their ideology have caused a severe upsurge in teen girls thinking they are trans. This caused a long wait period for those who are genuinly gender dysphoric. Don't blame the health care system…blame the activists and social media.

  9. I was a nurse and had a patient who was trans. She hated her body and had such bad body dysmorphia she couldn’t use the toilet bathe or dress herself I had to do it all for her. She lived every day in sheer hell and didn’t get the help she needed. I’ve seen first hand the psychological effects it can have and it’s awful.

  10. It's not true that puberty blockers are reversible. Do you really believe that if you cease taking blockers, you will suddenly go through puberty? At 27? At 43? Taking cross sex hormones for years is likely to lead to osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes. How does a doctor navigate that?

  11. There's no arguing with lack of education and ignorance. Who even slightly aware that the Tavistock is being sued by at least 1,000 parents whose children they wrongly, cruelly gave transgender treatment to? Not for the first time, either. Who even knows what Joseph Mengele was doing? That it always has been and still is a continuation of the heinous eugenics he and others similar to his nurses were doing? No. Of course few know it – because most don't read history. It was rewrapped in pretty rainbow colours with unicorns on top, and like toddlers they wanted it.
    The frontal cortex doesn't fully develop until age around 25. That's huge. No one should be allowed transgender treatment until then.
    ALL complicit in permanently and extensively injuring children and young adults that way should be in prison for whole life. Let the tax debtors out and there will be room for the perverts – because THAT'S what they are. Perverts abusing children and young adults.

    Transgender should only be for the very few adults over age 25 who are genuinely gender dysphoric, and they certainly don't need hangers on misappropriating their condition for fashion or attention, or nefarious reasons. They have a hard enough time without their plight being hijacked.

  12. For me one really important point: Reproductive Justice. Reproductive Justice is not "only" for cis-gender feminists, but it is a huge and essential point for non-heteronormative (categorized) folks like trans*people. The most hateful reactions and opinions i encountered here are these who have an irrational and immense hate for example against trans*men who give birth to a human being. more specifically: who are trans* and "dare" to claim their human right to reproduce at the same time. Behind this hate and these "opinions" is nothing else then the old fascist and social-darwinist hate these people inherit and that fuels them.

  13. trans surgeries are cosmetic. their free health care is the mental health aspect. but the nhs shouldnt be paying for experimental hormones or breast implants, not when people cant even get a bed for serious deadly illnesses. i respect transgender people suffering with dysphoria but a lot of it seems so narcassistic. how can you even risk harming a baby in your womb while taking testosterone to be a man. if youre a man why do you want to give birth? makes no sense. just selfish to risk harming a child. testosterone is experimental and seriously damaging.

  14. This is a re-upload. Look forward to the update covering the closure of the Tavistock. The NHS can't even sort out appropriate levels of dentistry provision in Britain; I very much doubt whether transgender treatments are going to receive much priority!

  15. Lots of people know what they want but they don’t necessarily know what’s best for them… especially young people. The need for instant gratification undermines the (almost) guaranteed disaster that awaits those who have not yet lived long enough to even begin to understand who they are, life, and where they fit into it all. And there is some stupid myth regarding other people knowing who and what they are, and what they want to do with their lives. Yes, some of these miracle-people DO exist… maybe… somewhere, but I’ve yet to meet one, and I’m 59. And, at this rather mature age, I still don’t know who/what I am, what I want to do with the rest of my life, what I’m capable of doing at this stage of my life and how I fit into the grand scheme of things. That, dear people, is the nature of life. But give life a long enough chance to let you weave yourself through the minefield that we all traverse before making irreversible mistakes. Remember, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Peace out 🙏🏼❤️

  16. Problematic bigot here. Despite still not being on board with feminism, I've actually gained a new found respect for feminists who are willing to stick their neck on the line standing up to the trans contagion. it's more than most right-wingers and enlightened centrists are willing to do.

  17. Felix my nhs trans story is IDENTICAL to yours I had to go private im still on the nhs waiting list at 20. Imagine how many are the same fam

  18. Let me play the Devil's Advocate here: the NHS is on the edge of collapse.

    I think some procedures will get preference (like cancer and A&E treatment). Personally, I know two people who almost died because the hospitals would not give them a C-section during their delivery and one went into a coma (there was a max quota on how many C-sections each hospital could do and the NHS didn't want to go over that). 

    Another example is that I have an NHS dentist and he barely covers anything and most patients can't at our practice can't book appointments in the NHS slots as the demand is too high. People who don't have money can't afford a cleaning, but if they could, they wouldn't need more expensive treatments down the line. 

    When I needed ankle surgery, I couldn't get it through the NHS and had to pay for private care. I was fortunate that I had that insurance at that time otherwise I wouldn't be able to have that same surgery today.

    Basically, many people are being abandoned because the NHS is stretched so thin.

  19. Puberty blockers cause irreversible damage. Why do some trans people keep pushing that narrative of false information? They stunt growth and cause chemical castration amongst other things. We should not be putting children on these dangerous drugs.

  20. I personally think the trans activist wing of the movement made things more difficult for the overall trans population. It's one thing to say, we want to live life the way we see fit…..and another to say…….ok, we are here to erase woman. Now one will be on board with that.

  21. Pure propaganda,

    So you expect society to pay hundred of thousands of dollars per person in hormone medication and surgery for what is non-essential healthcare whose purpose is the gratification of a mental ilness? It IS a mental ilness as by the DSM-V and should be treated as a mental ilness, not as something which should be given in to because they feel like something they aren't. More than 50% of children who identify with gender disphoria grow out of this phase at the end of their puberty. You're literally gambling with lives at this point by giving them puberty blockers which WILL destroy their natural maturation process and leave their physical development stunded forever. Do you really think that is an acceptable wager? 50% chance that their transition is something they actually wanted or 50% chance you destroyed a childs natural maturation and destroyed their self-worth and perception while possibly leaving them medically and physically scarred through unnecessary medical procedures?

    Sorry but this is no abuse. Each individual can pay for their own transition out of their own pocket and contract it at a private clinic if they so desire. There is nothing stopping them from doing that. But what ever, this is the UK, the NHS even provides vanity plastic surgery such as breast enlargement for women who think they need bigger boobs when they have normal sized ones (not harping on actual people who need breast implants due to loss of breasts from cancer, accidents or otherwise, that is indeed corrective plastic surgery)

    Honestly it is crazy how people expect to be given free stuff for what is a personal matter and expect the public to pay for their desires.

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