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This week we’re joined by the lovely, Dr. Nashat Latib, a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician with 15+ years of clinical experience. Dr. Nashat and I are tackling the HUGE topic of Intermittent Fasting. We’re discussing the ins and outs of fasting, diet options, weight management, and more!

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[00:00:00] Intro to Intermittent Fasting
[00:00:42] Introducing Dr. Nashat Latib
[00:01:28] Eating as functional medicine
[00:03:43] Choosing groceries
[00:06:27] Genetic analysis
[00:07:37] Highly inflammatory foods
[00:10:12] The effects of alcohol
[00:12:41] Intermittent fasting programs
[00:18:55] The benefits of intermittent fasting
[00:23:34] How stress affects the body
[00:24:21] Who should avoid intermittent fasting?
[00:27:23] Exercise and weight management
[00:27:56] How much water should you drink?
[00:30:10] What to eat in between fasting
[00:32:27] Food supplements
[00:35:30] The effects of intermittent fasting
[00:38:38] Dr. Latib’s Optimal eating program
[00:40:56] Dr. Latib’s functional fertility approach
[00:43:17] Closing thoughts on IF

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  1. I watched other videos that say that the best way to help diabetics is intermittent fasting. I myself practice intermittent fasting. I started with 12/12 and now do 16/8. I’ve consulted my doctor too and she ok’d it. My blood sugar has significantly improved. I’ve also cut out all sugars and do Whole Foods too. This video is so great as it essentially confirms what Dr. Perlmutter is saying. Great great video!!!

  2. But what does a woman do who can't afford the services of a functional medicine provider? Im currently going through menapause and am utterly miserable in so many ways. My insurance will only cover a traditional dr. I've always been very health conscious and I exercise but it's all just gotten so much harder with menopause. I don't want to take hormone replacement. I'd rather take a natural supplement approach but my Dr. won't discuss it. I am devastated over all of it. Sorry to rant. I love you Dominique and so look forward to your videos. Thank you!

  3. I am trying to do IF but maybe I am doing something wrong. I haven’t seen the benefits of losing weight. I am struggling. Any thoughts? Is it my nutrition? Too many carbs, perhaps? Not enough protein? Thank you.

  4. Dominique this is one of my favorite videos that you have created! This doctor's advice is very consistent to what I did to lose 100 pounds myself. I wanted to comment that you are also looking fantastic! Thanks for all you do!

  5. Hi Dominique. I appreciate the content presented but we need a version with more affordable options. We have a lot of people living in poverty at this time. Just a thought to promote inclusion. Thank you!

  6. This is great information to put out there. Thank goodness.😅 She is absolutely right it works. It’s a lifestyle choice. I have followed this way of eating for over 30 years and the benefits show.😊💕🌈🇨🇦

  7. Question I noticed when I started intermittent fasting in the morning for about 16 hours, toward the very end of the last hour I would hot flash incredibly. And on the weekend that I was not fasting Saturday and Sunday only, I was hot flashing the whole weekend. What is this all about???? Other than the hot flashes I do feel much more calm ..I'm a very non-patient fast-acting human being this has slowed me down …I'm able to meditate better in my practice and I feel like I'm in control for some reason. After my Saturday and Sunday of not fasting I feel all the rage return and I cannot wait to fast the Monday through Friday. I am on a steady 2 lb a week weight loss I started at 170 I am now 160 working my way down to 140….

  8. What is an affordable digestive enzyme and probiotic that you would recommend?? I have looked at probiotics so many times but I don't end up purchasing because I just don't know which one I should purchase! I have big time digestive issues and am always constipated! Have had problems since I was a baby and I'm 46 and take medication that just makes it worse! I'm now 60lbs heavier in the last 5 years and I don't eat enough ever! My normal day is 2 cups of coffee with cream and Stevie, a large bowl of cream of wheat in the evening and then grapes when I wake up at night. That's it! That's all I eat most days! I really need help! I also don't drink enough water at all ever! I'll tell myself I'm going to drink more today and I might drink 2 bottles of water. I need help!

  9. I’m curious if a cup of coffee with Stevia and a splash of unsweetened almond milk would break the fast.

  10. I started IF and complete clean eating, as she describes, at the beginning of covid……no transformation! 😢
    Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!

  11. Thank you for your educational video. When you say some eliminations, you are talking about coffee – I only drink 1 black coffee cup in the morning with a dab of butter in it to prevent the jitters. I do fine but I wish I could just leave out for good. Do you suggest that I still need to eliminate it? Thank you

  12. whats the best way to bring down cholesterol? the red yeast was really terribly upsetting my stomach. I hope to try intermiterment fasting but not sure how to start

  13. And move a lot. In most countries, people walk places and take public transportations. In U.S., no car is like no legs, can't go anywhere without public transportation. The whole country is built for cars, not for people to move around with legs.

  14. Hmmm. Another skip breakfast health professional that promote Intermittent Fasting (IF). I do enjoy IF. Im more plant based. I prefer to skip lunch if im doing two meals a day and have a late breakfast. Amazing that women are outliving their counterparts.

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