Intermittent Fasting Guide for 2022 | Doctor Mike Hansen

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Intermittent Fasting Guide for 2022 | Doctor Mike Hansen

Did you know that it’s been predicted that by 2030, more than half of the U.S population will be classified as obese, and this doesn’t even account for the number of people classified as overweight?

Major Facts of this Intermittent Fasting Complete Guide Video:
00:00 – What is Intermittent Fasting?
01:17 – Science of Fasting
07:32 – Time Restricted Eating
08:58 – Periodic Fasting
09:32 – Alternate Day Fasting
10:00 – How to Fast?
14:30 – Will Fasting make me Super Hungry for too long?
15:15 – How long does it take Fasting to Work?
16:12 – Is this something that you can stick to?
16:45 – Intermittent Fasting Benefits (Research Data)
22:24 – Fasting for Weight Loss
26:11 – Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan
34:04 – Who shouldn’t do Fasting?

If you think Fasting could be a good fit for you, that’s great because it has tremendous potential to help you lose fat.

A review article conducted in 2020 looked at 27 trials where participants took part in some form of Fasting. They found that Fasting resulted in weight loss between 0.8-13.0% from baseline body weight and waist circumference decreased (in the studies that recorded it). This systematic review of 40 studies found that IF participants typically lost 7-11 pounds over 10 weeks.

Several experts and policymakers have developed the American Dietary Guidelines 2020-2025. Essentially they are a set of dietary recommendations updated every 5 years. When we summarize the high-quality evidence available to us in these guidelines (as well as in consensus statements and high-quality studies), we can see that a healthy diet (or healthy dietary patterns) are made up of the following components:
● Eat plenty of whole fruits and vegetables of all types (especially aiming for more vegetables than fruit).
● Eat high fiber starches and choose mainly whole grains.
● Eat protein-containing foods daily from various sources (mixed, vegetarian, or vegan are all perfectly healthy).
● Choose minimally processed fats and oils from plant sources.

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When you eat a ‘normal’ meal, glucose (from carbs) and fatty acid (from fats) are the primary energy sources for your cells. After you’ve eaten, glucose is used as a direct source of energy, and fatty acids are stored in your fat tissue in the form of triglycerides.

When you fast, meaning you are eating nothing or very little, your body runs out of glucose and needs an alternative energy source to keep going. It now breaks down your triglycerides into their individual components (fatty acids and glycerol), and then your liver will convert the fatty acids into ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies (or ketones for short) can be used as an alternative energy source for many tissues, including the brain. When you eat enough food (from all 3 macronutrient groups- carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), the number of ketones in your blood is low. When you fast, this level rises within the first 8-12 hours, reaching between 0.2-0.5 millimolar (mM) levels, maintained for about 24 hours with a subsequent increase to 1-2 mM by around 48 hours. However, fuel is not the ketone’s only function; it also significantly affect your cells and organs. For example, ketones able to:

1. Improve mitochondrial function
Mitochondria are often referred to as the powerhouses of our cells. Energy in our body is mainly from mitochondria releasing energy from ATP molecules. When we suffer from metabolic disturbances and obesity, our mitochondrial function is reduced, but Fasting may help improve this function.

2. Help your cells become more resistant to stress
During these times of food restriction, the cells adopt a stress resistance mode. Essentially you are making your cells more challenging to withstand.

3. Enhance autophagy
Autophagy, which is Latin that stands for “self-eating,” refers to when cells purposely eat other cells in your body. They might sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. Autophagy gives your cells the ability to clean up “cellular garbage” that usually accumulates in cells or when you are hurt or sick. Basically, it’s your cell’s version of taking out the trash! When autophagy doesn’t work properly, your immune system attacks this cellular garbage and can cause low-grade, chronic inflammation (the basis of most chronic diseases).

4. Help Recovery
When you eat or break the fast, the body is forced to switch from Fasting and using ketones to glucose. This is known as ‘metabolic switching.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Disagree with the IF while breast feeding. Milk supply hasn’t changed a bit. Been doing 16:8 for 4 wks and now 18:6 for just over a week and we’re both doing great!

  2. Ive been eating every 22 to 25 hours for the last four day. I lost four lbs and my bowels feel better than ever!

  3. Very helpful thanks. But how about point out (encourage?) missing breakfast as preferred method of intermittent fasting: it’s easier – one is sleeping for most of time; it’s a double whammy – get fasting window while cutting out all the bad stuff one normally has for breakfast; it’s convenient – save time etc in morning while preparing to leave home for work. Saves time and money and helps health.

  4. The Holy Grail of Fasting and modern nutrition. It always amazing to find a video that perfectly sums up hunders of hours of learning done on a subject, but you wouldn't recognise this if you didn't have to go through all that learning. I am going to recommend this video as THE video to watch for anyone that is interested in fasting and modern nutrition. Brilliant video! Thank you Dr. Hansen.

  5. Great video! The one thing that i found is conflicting with the research on intermittent fasting that I’ve read points to excluding all metabolites during your fasting window, including tea, coffee and supplements. The reasoning is because our bodies have to metabolize compounds within them and so it pushes our bodies out of the fasted state.

  6. OMG! Finally I found someone that gave me sensible ways to incorporate fasting into my life in a way that I can stick with. So informative. I wanted more information about fasting and you gave me EXACTLY what I could comprehend . I feel more like I understand what my short and long term goals should look like.

  7. I guess that I've been doing this wrong. I fast everyday. Eat one meal a day in the evening. I'm busy with something after eating like working in the yard or woodworking. If I don't feel like working on something a long walk is in order. Rarely do I feel like walking but when I get started it's a pleasure able activity. Been losing 3 pound's a week untill the 20 pound mark. It's taken 2 weeks getting past 20 pound's lost. I'm going from 260 down to 180 or 190. I feel good most of the time but I stay hungry. I'm 5'8" wearing 42" pants which is crazy. I struggle too put on socks.

  8. I have seen so many videos on OMAD, You Nailed it Doctor Easy Explanation and to the Point!! Many Many Thanks Doctor Hansen!!

  9. All that won’t work if your meals are restaurant fast foods and diet pop. It goes without saying, but trust me some ppl think so

  10. Thank you for your clear, scientifically based explanation of IF. I appreciate you taking the time to make these videos and share your knowledge and experience. You’re the best!

  11. Very interesting. THANK YOU for well explained fasting.
    I’m a 69 year old female, hashimotos, asthmatic, sleep apnea, HBP, pushing the needle towards type 2 diabetes, been told, fatty liver exists after gallbladder was removed in 2012. Fatty liver wasn’t explained back in 2012. I started 20:4 intermittent fasting June 30, 2022. 5’6” 215 lbs
    Today, august 6th- 201 lbs
    Labs for cholesterol ( cholesterol managed by meds) showed improvement after 2 weeks on IF
    A1c showed a baby step reduction in that first 2 weeks
    Appetite completely dropped from grazing and late night binging
    My feasting: 2-6pm.
    My fasting: 6 pm -2pm 20 hours later
    I joined Dy Ann Parham three fatigue week support group to jump start
    I had long Covid from March 2020. Bed ridden a majority of the three years.
    With the help of my pulmonologist switching my inhaler to trelegy. Putting me on short term steroids
    I went from sheer exhaustion to riding my cruiser bike 8 miles m-f, resting sat/sun
    My recovery is a combo of IF and breathing better with inflamed lungs being managed.
    I went through being tempted to eat at night but resisting with support from IF group and decaf coffee. ( I’ve always drank my coffee and tea black)
    I was abused as a preteen throughout high school and used foods to bury my shame.
    My pulmonologist is a male and he listened to my story, validated me, encouraged IF. He looked at body, mind and trauma to treat me. SHOCKING, a male actively listened to me. ( males have never been safe people to me)
    Cardiologist-female told me to get over my past what’s done is past – get exercising
    Female GP a bit more sympathetic but her response to my fatigue was to force exercise. Didn’t support long Covid because my male GP at the time I was sick refused to test for Covid. I was sick for 5 weeks. He told me I had the flu, I never recovered. I know my body. It was Covid.
    I suppressed my most memories until 2018 when I recovered from a craniotomy. PTSD reared it’s painful head flooding me with shame memories.
    Mother, deceased at 96 in 2020, normalized my fathers behavior when I told her some recall at the age of 28 with my first female child that I refused to leave alone with my father. She responded with fathers look at their daughters as the young wife they married and never mentioned my abuse again. Also thought I was being a drama queen to not allow my father to be alone with my daughter. Father never accountable. I had 5 brothers and had to pretend nothing happened to me.
    Now this is not a poor me story because I feel empowered with IF. I am not using food to bury my broken heart. I’m using food to heal my body which is healing my emotions. I write poetry to express my memory uprising.
    I have been under a psychiatrist care from my late 30s and just relayed my stories to her this year. I spent all those years trying to manage daily panic attacks and raise my 2 children alone and fend off my narcissistic mother.
    This is my self awakening to freedom story that I am honestly able to share.

    One of my poems

    Intermittent fasting, is it just another fad?
    My as well try it it can’t be that bad.
    You train when to eat,
    you train when to not,
    It’s science,
    Its discipline,
    Or so it appears,
    Then the Magic emerges,
    first impressions disappear.
    It’s no longer ritualistic
    Or written in stone,
    This is my lifestyle I create what my body and mind need
    With support, never alone.
    There’s a universe of microscopic chatter that brings homeostasis within
    Molded by mindfulness
    the freedom begins
    Freedom to pause,
    Freedom to abandon old food laws,
    Freedom to walk through locked doors in my mind.
    Freedom to release what was hidden,
    Freedom to leave it behind.
    Freedom to find where I got lost,
    Freedom to fully understand what it cost.
    Freedom to embrace the old self
    With loving care,
    Freedom to find empowerment
    That was waiting for this moment for me to share.
    Intermittent fasting is a powerful healing tool.
    Thank you Miss DY Ann for providing this school.

  12. I didn't know people did 12:12. Seriously it's not what I would call fasting. My longest window has been 4 hours for the last 7 months.

  13. Fasting is almost impossible and not better than ordinary calorie restriction diets unless you CONTORL hunger. On calories restriction hunger grows, metabolism slows and the body seems to go into recession. You need to combine fasting with carb restriction – because it is carbs, especially refined carbs and most especially sugary foods. That is because blood sugar switches on insulin which switches on fat storage and suppresses fat burning, and making you crave more sugar. I've spent my life on calorie restricted diets, they work for a while then you end up tired , hungry and miserable. In January I discovered OMAD fasting with carb restriction. I was hungry for two days. Now I have lost 40lbs, I do not feel hungry. I have stopped 3 meds, I am no longer prediabetic, no more fatty liver, my sinuses have cleared and my breathing is easier. HDL up TGL down, AC1 down. My LDL is up but I no longer think that is important. OMAD is my new normal. Each day around 2pm I cook a meal from fresh food. This is the best diet I have ever been on, and is sustainable. Calorie restriction is NOT.

  14. I have no breakfast, very light lunch and whatever I fancy at 6pm. My angina has all but disappeared , breathing massively improved, my weight and BMI is (supposedly) ideal.

  15. Hey,once I have got my ideal weight how can i maintain that weight.
    I've lost 8 kg in 3 weeks now I want to maintain,how can I do that doing intermittent fasting?

  16. I really don’t understand how it works do You eat in the 8 hours like so you eat once than not eat for 16 hours basically feast idk

  17. When your fasting window opens eat very slow for unto 45 hour if possible just watch Utube videos or read book or speak with your family. So even if your diet (enough Protein) is above 400 calories it will break them like low carbon diet . If eat very fast even a milk tea will behave like initiating adipose formation so slower eating pattern can allow you to eat nice meal. And u will enjoy.

  18. I do 8 hour window of eating… I’ve been doing it for maybe 6 weeks… and I feel like my weight hasn’t budged. I hope I feel good soon.

  19. Dr Mike I have IBS GERD GASTROPARESIS & lately SIBO & I took 10 days of antibiotics for that! I’m so tired of all these digestive problems and worse I was told by my PCP that in 3 months it my glucose won’t do down then he will give me diabetic meds already! So, I’ve decided to start IF and now I’m doing 18/6 sometimes even 24 hours ! I feel great but my question is how long should I do IF? I’m 59 and I’m happy with my weight loss after 2 weeks of starting my IF! Thanks

  20. thank u for succinct multi stepped variable schedules. i myself living as a secluded hermit have taken more than 3 years doing keto to learn abt alot of this. and in my case the importance of metabolic switching and not falling into the old diet trap of eating too little for too long a time . all this info is FANTASTIC.ty

  21. Doctor Hansen, greetings from Slovenia. I've been on the 16/8 intermittent fasting meal plan since January and when I did the lipid panel blood test in April I was a bit shocked. My HDL level was too low (before it was within normal range) and my LDL level was too high (before it was within normal range as well). I'm doing the blood test again. What should I do if the result is the same? Thank you in advance! Cheers, Ziga

  22. Thank you for your videos, they are extremely refreshing and informative a big change from most of what is on YouTube.

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