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As a wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation targets #trans and #nonbinary youth, it’s time to hear from young people themselves. For #TransYouthTownHall, Raquel Willis hosts a discussion about recent attempts to ban gender-affirming health care for minors.


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  1. It's funny how they say it's aggravated how many people talk about us and haven't experienced us. I'm a adult female human and feel that way about trans woman

  2. 90% of trans people are just rich kids looking for some form of oppression against them. Because they feel guilty about having such an easy privileged life.

  3. Honestly, everyone has their insecurities. And I've always loved watching someone's evolution as a person when it comes to a transgenders person's journey. I think it's beautiful. But, sadly young kids should not be transitioning. Kids are too impressionable and get swept up with what's going on on social media and the news. And more and more kids and young adults think that they need to transition or are being influenced by others to transition when all they need is to accept who they are as a person and to love themselves. I truly think if someone takes kid under 16 for surgery or medications to transition they should also have to talk to a psychiatrist as well. That way they can determine if it is the kid themselves that really wants to transition or if they're being influenced by friends or family and they're just kind of iffy on transitioning but they're being pushed into it. There are transgender individuals who later in life have found that they really don't want to be transgender individual anymore and transition back to their original genders. Those are the kind of things that need to be prevented. A child or young adult should not transition if it's not for the right reasons and sadly having over supportive family or friends in their lives can sometimes push them to where they feel like they have to go in that direction of transitioning even though they may still be feeling iffy about it. I'm not against someone transitioning but I don't think someone should do it if it's something that's trendy or something everyone else is doing and that's why they're doing it.

  4. "It's for me, not you; why would you care about it?" – Thank you, Rebekah! I hope people will get better about listening to trans youth on the subject of their own bodies and their own healthcare.

  5. People in the comments don't care about surgery being performed on intersex babies even when they said they don't want their sex to be chosen for them, it happens anyway and their upset by it.

    Here's a hint why don't random people stop butting their noses into other people's bodies and anatomy.

  6. Great segment. Can you do a segment of the fertility planning for trans youth? So, when they want kids, they will understand how to navigate that.

  7. Hey transphobic commenters? Trans people have existed since people existed. Society has continued to kill us, erase us (Magnus Hirschfeld Institute for Sexual Science anyone?). And we will continue to thrive while you try and continue to erase us.

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