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In this video Canadian Guitarist/producer Dean Wolfe reacts to Babymetal.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I’m Dean Wolfe, a mostly self-taught Canadian guitarist/composer/multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer/performer. I started out as a full time musician, on the road at age 17 for two years, then went part-time ever since, while holding day careers including chef and spiritual health care while raising a family.
As a producer I’ve made hundreds of my own songs for media and award winning documentaries etc. I’ve been in several bands including a prog/jazz fusion act nFuze, performing in International Jazz festivals and jazz clubs. I mostly abandoned the prog genre in the 90s but have returned to it now with vigour 30 years later. So much prog! My own prog band was rejected by record labels as “too progressive’ in the late 80s, so i detoured into grunge, pop and alternative instead (then folk / acoustic fingerstyle guitar and ambient electronic as well).

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  1. Really interesting reaction! Yes, BABYMETAL are familiar with Dream Theater! Check out BABYMETAL's most complex prog epic "Tales
    of the Destinies". Only ever performed live once: at the Tokyo Dome with a 55,000 sold out crowd in 2016. It even got the seal of approval
    from Petrucci himself! You should also react to another arena anthem "Arkadia" Live which is the best song from their most recent album.
    Epic performance and epic light show! Please check it out, you won't be disappointed 🙂

  2. Nice reaction. Unusually done for a Babymetal reaction. Most of the time it's their live performances. You got a great ear as well. I tend to think of Babymetal as prog by nature. For one their producer is a big Dream Theater fan. So, for Babymetal fans it comes as not a surprise their songs have that progness to them. What does surprise the fans is the creative ways the songs use it. Mostly you just can't know what way they are going to use it next. If you think the next song is going to have Su singing on it. Surprise it's Yui and Moa without Su. Well, the Next song will be all three of them. Surprise it's just Su doing a solo. Their songs always just have electric guitars. Surprise the song Shine starts with an acoustic. Ok Next song is going to have simple song form to it. Nope "Tales of Destinies" is as proggy as a song can get. Next up is a song Another prog song. Nope "Meta Taro" done in a stadium chant style. With this group you just never know what you will get. Reminds me of Van Halen in that manner. Just when you thought you knew what Eddie was going to play. He would play something else. From album to album Van Halen progressed along. Babymetal has done the same. And now we're on the verge of a new album coming out by Babymetal. Will it sound like the snippets they've slowly released? Even those have changed over time. I tell you team Babymetal as Moa has called them make musical magic.

  3. Kobametal, Babymetals producer is a huge fan of Dream Theater and has proven that with “Tales of the Destiny” which is the most prog-metal song Babymetal has released. Syncopation has, as you said a few prog-metal elemts and parts in it, but isn’t quite as prog as TOTD is. Either way glad you liked the song and see you in the next one!

  4. I think the best part of prog is that it will go in directions you weren't expecting, after hearing so many songs over so many years their predictability can make even some well written songs a bit ho hum, good prog music takes you on a journey through the minds of whoever wrote it at the time they wrote it………therefore is far superior to any other style of music except maybe classical. lol kidding I enjoy pretty much all music, just some more than others. Some of the band members actually have what they call a prog funk jazz rock fusion band called Kari Band that I highly recommend, the guys show off just how good they really are.

  5. I don't know much about prog-rock but I'm happy to hear a prog enthusiast and musician like yourself sing compliments to one of my favorite Babymetal tracks. Syncopation just never gets old.

  6. ⚡ 💀 💕 / 🎶 💕
    Great reaction.
    'Syncopation' is a killer high energy track.
    IMO, pretty much a flawless blend of guitars and vocals.
    This is what producer Koba said in a 2016 interview:
    Q: Of all the songs in this album wouldn’t you say that ‘Syncopation’ has the most Japanese feel to it?
    Kobametal: Yes, I would agree to that.
    And that is why on the overseas edition we put a different song in its place.
    On the Japanese edition we wanted to present an ever more Japanese quality to it and so this song was included.
    On the overseas edition in place of ‘Syncopation’ we have instead included the song ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.
    (Of course as it turns out, Western audiences love this song as well.)

  7. excellent content Prog Dog Metal, their producer Koba is a big fan of Dream Theater, so much so that this song isn't even the progiest song on the album, lol I think I recommended "From Dusk Til Dawn" in one of your earlier reactions, and don't recall if you had heard it or seen it yet. FDTD 2021, amazing song.

  8. Hi, long time no see! I am glad to hear that you are well. When did Su-Metal, the vocalist, recognize Kami Band? I remember that he referred to them as "the backing band" in interviews until around the time of the second album. That's about the division of labor; MoaMetal was so shocked by the power of the live band on stage at rehearsals four years earlier that he forgot his cue. That's a kid learning to play the guitar.

    This song was not included in the Western release because it was "too Japanese". It may be the most J-Pop song. I am looking forward to the next song. see you!

  9. I really enjoyed your analysis, thanks!
    "It's way too adventurous" –> Best comment ever!
    In my opinion, "Syncopation" is a very underrated song and not being part of the international album doesn't helps either.
    I love all the guitar work, nice melodies seamless changes and also some "subtle" blastbeats… And of course, that elegant ending, with that nice guitar solo and the drums until the end. One of the best endings I've ever heard.
    It's also cool to listen to Su-metal's studio vocals. It's been a long time since I only listen to live versions. She's a killer in the recording booth!
    And about the songwriters, Koba (their producer) is involved (in this one and all the songs) and he's a huge Dream Theater fan. But it's more clear in "Tales of the Destinies" which is, by far, their most prog song.

  10. Thank you for your reaction. I loved it! I’m honestly not sure how this will be received by you, or their fans. (probably not well), so I’m apologizing now. The Kami (God / Devine) band is called that for a reason. I’ve watched numerous rectors try, (and some quite well like you) try but fail to replicate the sound. I have never; after thousands of views found one reactor that can keep up with the complexity of their music. That is no way a comment on your abilities. It is a simple observation of how incredibly complex and talented (world class) musicians they are. I enjoyed this so may I humbly ask for more.

  11. But why studio version? it sound too muffled and much worse than what I remember xD their live with the touch of Kamiband is on another level

  12. Great analysis! For me, in my 60's, this song reminds me of a Japanese song from about 40 years ago. I love it because it feels like a standard number to me.

    I would like to know what musical elements make me think so.

  13. Suki kirai suki kirai suki
    Suki kirai suki kirai
    Welcome back to the Foxhole, it's been a while.🦊🤘
    Our queen and princesses are undecided, like a syncopated heart, if they are really in love.

    Syncopation was the track exclusively for Japanese album while "From Dusk Till Dawn" was released for International version of Metal Resistance, although later on they performed this song outside of Japan because is a banger with more rock sound rather than metal.

    Along with Karate, is one of those songs many fans got that anime vibes, for me Karate would be the opening and Syncopation the ending, although it works like an opening too.

    You should watch the live at Tokyo Dome 2016 version or Big Fox Festival 2017 when YuiMetal still on the group is a lovely recall and with those Mikio Fujioka guitar even more beautiful. The live at 10BMY Budokan 2021 version got ISAO on guitar and Momoko Okazaki as the avenger filling the third spot as a backup dancer.

    Thanks for sharing your breakdown on this.
    See you next time 🦊🤘

  14. Thanks again from Japan 有難う💛。Yeah! This song is prog-ish but at the same time it reminds me, an aged Japanese, of good old Japanese songs to which I listened several decades ago at home sitting in front of a TV set. BABYMETAL gave a new power to this type of song by one of the magics they have. In the last year's 10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN concerts, I witnessed this song beautifully performed twice at the venue. I would like you to see their live performance video. The chore is, as usual, hard and sophisticated but IMO includes a flavor of intentionally old-fashioned moves.

  15. Great analysis. 'Syncopation' was a Japan exclusive track on the second album (the international release had 'From Dusk Till Dawn' instead – very different, equally great song … and I suspect you would enjoy that one as well – look for the Budokan 2021 live performance, it is another with very few live performances like 'Tales of the Destinies' was only played live one time).

    I think I read that it was kept as a Japan exclusive track at least in part because their producer Kobametal considered it to be the "most Japanese" of the songs.
    Despite that I know a good number of international fans rank it high among their own personal favourite Babymetal songs.

    They have played 'Syncopation' live outside of Japan only once, that was in Brixton, London in 2019.

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