Joe: If GOP Wants To Talk About Mental Health, Let's Finance It The Way it's Supposed To Be

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A bipartisan Senate group will meet again Wednesday to discuss a path forward on gun safety legislation. Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Tuesday weighed in on the Senate talks, and he indicated the problems for targeting were mental illness and school safety. The Morning Joe panel discusses Sen. McConnell’s remarks.

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Joe: If GOP Wants To Talk About Mental Health, Let’s Finance It The Way it’s Supposed To Be


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  1. I say now when the next shooting occurs , we lead with "Another shooting that has been allowed to happen thanks to the republicans"

  2. Bans wont work the AR15 has been a great rifle when the BlM riots happens and cops never around people needed them for defense they were outnumbered a 6 shooter isnt going to work against 115 people comming at you it happend once it will again dont blame good people banning that wont stop or reduce killings thats deception


  4. I believe mental health needs to be addressed and is the why we need to do everything in our power NOW to prevent guns falling into the wrong hands.

  5. Maybe there should be some sort of tax on guns, or perhaps some type of "benevolence" paid by the NRA to help fund the mental health initiatives so desperately needed.

  6. I’ve had severe depression and anxiety for years… I’ve never thought of shooting up a school, a hospital, a church, etc. Problem in this 4th world country is criminals have too many rights, sometimes more than the victims. Why do you think this does not happen in eastern countries?

  7. If an 18 year old is not mature enough to own a gun, then perhaps a five year old is not mature enough to change their gender!

  8. Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky have voted against gun laws for over 30 years he been in office!!! He have voted against vote rights, health care, education, high wages, low income housing, etc.

  9. The mental illness game is one of the GOP talking points. They won't finance ANYTHING that addresses serious social problems, so even mentioning a potential issue in some of these murders, is a travesty!!

  10. If it's mental health y didn't this happen 60 years ago it started like 4 years ago …. mental health has been around forever to it's way more then that it's pure hate

  11. Vast majority of American citizens support reasonable gun control laws, like background check.
    Vast majority support abortion rights.
    Vast majority support mental health funding.

    Who exactly are republicans speaking for?

  12. Republicans: “it’s not the guns, it’s the mental health.”
    Republicans: *slashed funding for mental health*
    Republicans: “it’s not mental health, it’s the doors”

    Guess we better stockpile doors now, just in case… 🙄

  13. Cinema and Mansion are Republicans! (Spelled wrong on purpose). This is the Republican Razzle Dazzle event! They have to act like they care. They have talks. They take several months in talks, and then the talks end, once they think the story has cooled down. They either walk away and say we couldn't come up with a deal, or they stonewall and only will allow the weakest laws to come through, like: no gun purchases on Sundays between noon and 1:00.
    The timid Democrats fall for it every time! It's as if they are all on the same team.

  14. Huge manicured grounds, sumptuous building layouts with all the amenities.
    Much like seen in 'Rainman'.
    Expensive yes; worthy YES.
    RULES: (Much like Isaac Asimov there needs to be clear defined Rules.)
    * An individual has been ruled 'Unviable' – be it the little old lady living with 100 cats in extreme filth, The Vet sleeping drunk in an alley, or a mentally unstable possibly violent individual.
    This individual is Placed Into Permanent care.
    Rule 1:
    Pharmaceutical Companies will NEVER have access to these citizens for drug testing purposes.
    Rule 2:
    This is YOUR Life now – live it as you wish – HERE.
    Drugs or other treatments will NEVER be forced upon the individual.
    (Understand that each individual's personal circumstances will dictate the level of 'freedom' and access within the grounds complex.)
    Choose medical (other) treatments and therapy At Will and discontinue At Will.

    That's it.

  15. Cops always lie when they can’t explain their own guilt…just like criminals.

    Republicans always defend the 2nd amendment to the point they are willing to restrict 1st amendment rights. Remember blaming children’s access to video games for school shootings.

  16. Don't let them distract you. It's about non-existent rules that allow almost EVERYONE to purchase mass murder weapons.
    The US is the only "modern" country that has that big a problem with gun violence.

  17. it's not also about financing it that is one part there are not enough Mental Health Providers out there same goes with those in the psychiatric field we need more of them because the waitlist are very long

  18. I wonder there might be any communist spy hiding under inside the NRA

    NRA this organization doesn't seems to be United State organization

    Inside the America there were so many of the gun shootiing violence incidents occurred

    Any NRA not even once shoeing any intention to do something about the gun shooting violence innocent American citizens life even the little children

    It seems as if NRA in purposely intending to bringing on gun shooting violence in to the America

    How is possible that even for the NRA consistently doing something to killing innocent American citizens over and over again after all NRA is part of the United State organization

    But the way of NRA attacking the innocent American citizens
    NRA organization doesn't seems like a American organization
    United.State have to find out there could be enmey of the people groups hiding inside the NRA

  19. Mental health was an important factor in this…..we have a problem. Yes let finance it. What happens when you have autism and cant finance a diagnosis? Anybody know what happens, Anybody?

  20. McConnell talking out of both sides of his butt.
    REPUBLICANS don't have any freaken ideas other than block progress or anything Biden proposes. So disgusting.

  21. There will not be any new money for mental health because, like here in the UK and other countries, there are no votes in it!

  22. Republicans don't care! Maybe they would change their minds if this type of incidence happen to their Representative Offices, not our children!

  23. It is not only the 18 yo gunman. It is NRA, the Republican Party and the law enforcement officers.

  24. All these Republicans been in since the 1970s 😂😂😂. Now that's a take over still here doing nothing new in the 2022.😂😂 No new ideas. Guns guns gun.

  25. Republicans work for the NRA not the American people. Republicans say the same playbook words. Old fort's washed up no new ideas. We need 28-60 fresh faces

  26. public safety in america is literally being held hostage by a small number o' über-macho, mentally unstable blowhards – both in congress and their supporters – who are WILDLY out o' touch with reality……………………..still, americans flock to the ballot box every election to keep those failures o' humane potential in office. we are merely reaping what we sow. stupid is as stupid does…

  27. There's not an ounce of Democracy in this country called the United States of America. This is not a country that embraces the idea of "Government for the people." As far as these politicians are concerned, It's all about "Government for their own beliefs, needs and wants."

  28. The ridiculousness of the Republican solutions to gun violence, just reveals how indefensible their position is! I hope that all Americans hold this outrage all the way to the voting booths in November, so we can vote these soulless Republican ghouls out of office!

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