Jon Stewart Excoriates GOP Senators For Blocking Veterans' Health Bill

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Jon Stewart, comedian and activist, expresses his fury and frustration with Senate Republicans who blocked the bipartisan Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, or PACT Act, which would have expanded VA health care eligibility to more than 3.5 million post-9/11 combat veterans who were exposed to burn pit toxins while serving.
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  1. 💙💙Voting Straight Blue ! The past couple of years I have learned I will never believe one word a republican says. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! 💙💙

  2. Screw VA. They will do anything to keep from paying u no matter what you hv. I know vietnam war vets still waiting. VA a waste of time. Forget these creeps.

  3. Yep, and this is what President TRUMP WARNED the WORLD about, the Socialists of Germany sat there and Laughed, well Who's Laughing Now…President TRUMP Because He was RIGHT AGAIN, did all you LIBS see that, your GREEN BS is an EPIC FAILURE as Socialist GREEN Europe reverses in to the DARK AGES as they have NO POWER to light a Light Bulb, oh and this winter, they will FREEZE as Global COOLING gets them…….LMFAO!!!

  4. LIBS should be Crying right now, as PUTIN BURNS off his Natural Gas by the TONS DAILY, Spewing C02's in to the Atmosphere by the TONS, all because LIBS needed a WAR to Blame PUTIN for all their FAILURES!!!


  6. Hey Mehdi Hassan, I'm sure you are not so stupid. You know very well that the evil democrats have tied up this veterans bill along with the stupid climate change bill so that the Republicans will be forced to vote for climate change bill. This makes you a bloody IMPOSTER. You should be kicked out of MSNBC and sent back to BBC. STOP INTERFERING WITH AMERICAN POLITICS. Don't ruin your career by supporting the evil MSNBC & the democrats.

  7. So Nazi LIBS, your FASCIST DICTATOR shows his TRUE COLORS, and Nazi Nancy won't do anything to stop him from BREAKING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!!!

  8. C'MON, NAZI NANCY! GOP Demands Pelosi Rebuke Biden for Loan Action, 'Illegal Move by Desperate President'…IMPEACH HIM NOW!

    According to a report from Fox News, nearly 100 Republicans have signed onto a letter insisting that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rebuke President Biden for his executive overreach on student loans.

    Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) wrote the letter with 93 of his colleagues demanding action.

    “Speaker Pelosi explicitly stated in July of 2021 that President Biden ‘does not have the power,’ to cancel federal student loan debt. ‘That has to be an act of Congress,'” Hice said in a press release exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital. “I’m demanding that Speaker Pelosi decisively act and stand by her previous statement – a direct repudiation of President Biden’s executive overreach yesterday.”

    “President Biden is a desperate politician,” Hice said. “His plan to transfer $300 billion of debt onto the backs of hardworking American taxpayers is a politically craven stunt that makes a mockery of our Constitution and the rule of law.”

    “Speaker Pelosi has a choice to make,” he added. “Will she cave to the President’s shockingly illegal act or will she back up her own words by taking swift action?”

    The group of nearly 100 GOP lawmakers wrote in the letter exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital that they are “concerned with the massive executive overreach” by Biden “to illegally cancel federal student loan debt.”

    The lawmakers pointed to the move’s $300 billion taxpayer-funded price tag and warned the president’s plan “will drive up the cost of higher education, exacerbating the very problem President Biden pretends to address.”

    “Noticeably absent from the President’s plan is any plausible legal authority to implement such a policy,” Hice and his colleagues wrote. “The legislative and executive branches each possess defined powers under the Constitution.”

    “No provision of the Constitution nor any act of Congress, including the Higher Education Act, grants President Biden or the Secretary of Education the authority that they falsely claim to wield through this unilateral action,” the letter continued.

    Oh looky, Old Nazi Joe is a FASCIST DICTATOR!!!!!

  9. There wasn't anything in that bill that wasn't specifically for veterans alone so yet again the republicans lied and blocked a bill meant specifically and only for veterans out of their hatred for the democrats.

  10. After the last 2 years anyone Voting for a Member of the DNC can't Lie about being a Socialistic-Marxist Nazi any more, not after the Nazis of the DNC Made their New IRS SS which is Bigger than the Army of Britain……Are Ya getting it yet America????

  11. Pennsylvania, you have an opportunity to not put a piece of sh*t in office after Toomey…but I'm sure you will. Who am I to talk, I live in Kansas.

  12. Why do we continue to be surprised by Trump criminal activities?
    WE know what he did.
    WE know all of it is true.
    WE know he broke the law.
    WE know he is a danger to America.
    WE know he should have been impeach.
    WE know he is using his followers to doop them out of money and do his dirty work for him.
    WE know Trump is nothing but a Ponzy Scam, that looks Bernie Maddox and Nixon to shame.
    Worst part of all he is using his followers to keep him out of prison.

    Trump is not above the law!
    …and he should be accountable for his actions.
    It's not about loyalty to party, it's about knowing right from wrong and doing what is right to protect the Rule of Law.

    The TRUTH is Trump is a CROOK! And deep down inside we all know it.
    …and Trump provides all the proof every time he opens his mouth.

    Worst of Republican play ignorant…
    The solution is in the hands of the American VOTERS…
    WE need to step up and put an end to the trump plague of corruption and criminal activities that is destroying our country.

  13. What a bunch of morons who actually believe his bs when in actuality, the Rep’s didn’t want to pass it because of the PORK that the Democrats INCLUDED in this bill. Everyone wanted to help veterans, yep even Rep’s. But hey…not least not all of us independent voters are as naive as most democrats are, obviously.

  14. What Johnny purposely neglects to tell you is that the reason why republicans are against passing the bill is because democrats crafted a bill to take care of these veterans issues, and then snuck in something completely unrelated that could never pass on its own. Then they dare republicans to do anything about it because they know they’ll unleash their allies in the media or a pseudo-celebrity like Stewart to make up false accusations to get them to swallow what shouldn’t be in the bill in the first place.

    It’s the oldest trick in the book. What they need to do is make every bill have just one single issue to address. Of course you’ll never see a shill like Stewart admit that because he’s too busy virtue signaling and throwing a temper tantrum.


  15. Most people don't even realize that the economy is collapsing and there is an increasing rate of unemployment worldwide, so take advantage and prepare by making investment to survive

  16. Why do veterans get medical benefits and the rest of the population do not? Why do the vetrans who actively participated in this decades long environmental crime get all of this attention? These "heroes" should be in serious trouble and feel ashamed at the role they played in these horrible acts.

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but the BILL also would enable an additional 400 billion in future discretionary spending completely unrelated to veterans …True or not true?

  18. Hey LIBS, so the FBI ILLEGALLY COVERED UP the Meth Head Sons LAP-TOP to PROTECT the Biden Crime Family, so when is the Hearing on that?????
    The CIA and SS(Secret Service) COVERED UP the Meth Head Sons ILLEGAL Hand Gun and the Disposal of thus ILLEGAL GUN, so when is the Hearing for that CRIME and why hasn't the Meth Head Son been ARRESTED?????

  19. All should remember the deplorable 41 GOP Senators who voted against our Vets. Especially Rafael Cruz, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley – true POS 💩

  20. America supposedly the most advance country decides it would be a good idea to let our soldiers burn toxic crap. Whoever was in charge of this program and approve it needs to be in jail.

  21. So LIBS, I see your Socialistic-Marxist Nazis Have the Final Nail for the USA's Coffin, as the BIM< Bo from AR and that Igiot from WV have got what they wanted in Deals with Schumer and will Now KILL the USA with MORE UNREGULATED SPENDING During a RECESSION with HIGH INFLATION….Are Ya Happy Now LIBS???

  22. So LIBS, I see your Socialistic-Marxist Nazis Have the Final Nail for the USA's Coffin, as the BIM< Bo from AR and that Igiot from WV have got what they wanted in Deals with Schumer and will Now KILL the USA with MORE UNREGULATED SPENDING During a RECESSION with HIGH INFLATION….Are Ya Happy Now LIBS???

  23. Gee LIB, tell Us about Your Messiah Barry Hussein and his Brand New Industrial $75,000 Propane Tank at his Mansion on Martha's Vineyard, NO WAVE POWER…..NO SOLAR POWER……NO WIND POWER….JUST GOOD OLD PROPANE POWER, So what is He now, you know….LIAR or HYPOCRITE!!!

  24. They blocked the bill because the left is trying to pass along other things that have nothing to do with veterans. Jon Stewart must be doing comedy again because this was laughable

  25. We all know that the Socialistic-Marxist Nazis of the DNC SHOVED $400 BILLION of PORK Spending in to this Bill and then LIED again, as they LIE about Everything!!!

  26. So LIB can you tell Us why the Afree Cans are ATTACKING the Asians????????

    And then your State Ran News try to Blame it on WHT MAGA People????

    In all those Video's they all look Dark to Me!!

  27. You all need to do more research…in this bill the democrats pulled a fast one..they put the 400 billion under mandatory spending for the vets aka the money must be spent on the vets (which is good) but they added another 400 billion and put it under discretionary spending…which means they can spend another 400 billion of tax payers money on whatever they want..adding to our debt…and they did this under the guise of money for our veterans…so if Republicans vote against this extra spending it makes them look bad…crooked democrats need to re write this bill so it's just the 400 billion going to our veterans and watch how quickly every republican votes to pass this bill.

  28. The truth, let Jon Stewart fade to the back covering this bill, and let say, Ben Shapiro take center stage advocating for this bill, all Republicans will step up and most Democrats will do the same, but they'll be a small percentage of dems that'll not sign on. Why? Ben Shapiro and that is politics 101….

  29. Veterans should be the only entitled people in America they earned it yet they're all homeless because of government

  30. I am a widow. My husband served in The United States Marines. He served 2 years at Camp Leguene,NC. He was born in 1947. He was stationed at camp leguene 1965 to 67. I did not meet my husband till 2010. We married Jan 2012. Nov 2012 day after Thanksgiving he woke up very sick. We live at ft.bragg,NC. Anyway, we were at the VA from 8 am till 5 pm because he did not have an appt. He was 63. When he saw his Dr he told her he had blood coming out of his stool. She asked what he had eaten. He mentioned cheese. She said cheese will do it. I was in the room and heard this anyway she sent him to have an MRI at the VA they said his spleen needs to be removed and was enlarged they wanted a 2nd opinion so he went to the VA in Durham NC. They said he was fine go ahead and live your life. He went from 190 in weight to 143. August 2012 labor day weekend he went to Durham to get test results andvthe CDC director said he was dying. If he does not receive chemo within 4 to 5 days she advised he will definitely die. He had a rare type of leukemia. Myleodyplastic syndrome. They said there was a new chemo that shows results for this. So he opt for it. It took 2 months in hospital and all the sudden his blood platelets went up. They finally released him. In the midst of all this his Drs appts and chemo was always on Thursday. On Thurs the director of Duke Cancer Institute always came to the VA oncologist dept. Me and my husband had a very good bond with Dr. Neil Spector. Can u imagine always getting to be seen and advised by one of the best cancer institutes in American. I have letters from him . We constantly stayed intact. He said in his whole professional career has he seen such a bigger bounce back. Needless to say he slowly started decling. We had a VA officer representing him. Every time he was denied he had 3 of the 8 diseases. Everyday he would make it to the mailbox just to see if the VA decided that it was caused by contaminated water and would be 100 percent disabled. He never got to see it. He passed away June 19,2014. On that day somehow the director of duke cancer institute called me and asked me what do u want me to do. He advised me the only way he could have contacted this rare disease is from benzene. He said he will send the VA a letter and I have a copy. Which was very powerful. He said he would come to Fayetteville if it is denied again and represent my husband. WOW!. He said when you get this myleodyplastic syndrome in males it does not hit you till in your 60's. He was very very knowledgeable about the diseases from contimated water. Needless to say I got a received a letter from the VA advised me that it was service connected and declared 100 percent disabled. My husband was dead. And what they compensated me for his services was an insult. My VA officer told me that if he was still alive it would have been significantly different. Denied to die. I called it blood money. These veterans deserve this. They sacrificed and fought for our country. Shame on you. Its very disturbing. I met alot of veterans in Durham. They were all there doing chemo. Such a very sickening experience. Shame on you!!!

  31. im always suspicious of stewart and bsdnc. 400B going to vets only? yes or no? how about stewart vs shapiro in a crossfire like debate? ben shows video of Stewart on crossfire complaining of politcal debates. a sign of the sinister side.
    next week-stewart complains 'puppies for every kid' act is blocked. me– hhhmmm, whats in the details?

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