King Co. proclaims public health emergency for monkeypox | FOX 13 Seattle

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King County says monkeypox is officially an emergency.

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  1. Emergency for who exactly? You should really stop telling the gay community that "anyone" can get it, even heterosexuals. #FakeNews can tell the whole country to stay out of church for 2 years but they can't tell gay men to stop having orgies? #TheScience

  2. 98% of transmission was through men having sex with each other, according to a recent peer reviewed study which spanned 16 countries. It seems like a simple solution, stop having gay sex.

  3. As a gay man myself, it’s downright depressing how much hookup culture there is among gay men. Monkeypox obviously does not discriminate, but there is a clear reason why the vast majority of cases are among MSM. On average, gay men or MSM are much more likely to have a higher number of sex partners, which increases the likelihood of transmitting and spreading the disease to multiple strangers — that’s simply fact. From cruising and hookups, to bathhouses, to orgies and sex parties, and even a fetish for catching the disease (“bug chasers”). MSM need to get the vaccine, reduce their number of sexual partners, and be more educated on and vigilant of the disease. Otherwise they’re asking for it.

  4. I like how YouTube will censor peoples comments for stating statistical data, but a porn spam bot stays up for two hours.

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