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Shikha Singh Shah is recovering from Covid 19 and in this video she shares about her diet during her recovery from covid. It’s really important to have a proper nutrition to be able to recover faster. Diet high in protein, vitamins and electrolytes is important. Shikha Singh alsoshares how her motivation also depends being able to meet her daughter Alayna Singh Shah, husband Karan Shah and her pet dog Goku. It’s the 6th day since Shikha tested positive for Covid 19. And she’s now feeling much better after getting good rest and eating well.

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Video Edited by : Vinay Dhareshwar


4Wheeler Scooter is now renamed Shikha Singh on YouTube. Shikha Singh has acted as Alia in Kumkum Bhagya and has been in the TV industry for almost 10 years in shows like Na Aana Iss Des Laado, Adalat, Left Right Left, Mahabharata, Naagin 6 etc. This channel marks her entry into digital content and the channel has been active since October 2020. This is the home for entertainment, fun and masti also featuring Alayna Singh Shah, Goku Singh Shah, Karan Shah and Ajay Menon.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Mam plsss in take any rice in a day.i suggest u can take brown rice its too good fr ur health not only fr covid u can intake in normal days also

  2. Muje he na mem sirf dhadakan meri fast fast chalti muje bhi doctor ne covid positive bataya he mem our gala bhi bahut dry lagata he

  3. Could have taken help from your mother in law at this hard time, as parents are always ready to help their children

  4. Mujhe apna time yaad aaraha h second wave mai hamari bhi halat kharab thi or ham to dono husband wife covid positive the or dhyaan rakhne k liye koi nhi tha hamko hi pata h kaise kata wo time ….

  5. Hi dear, i am ur new subscriber, ive come across ur videos prior but couldn't follow regularly , i am from hyd, get well soon 💐💐💐, all my prayers for u n ur family's happiness all the time

  6. Di aapke jaisa hal mera bhi h mai bhi aapne bate se dur hu 3 din se covid ki karn bhut muskil hota h aapne bache se dur rahna mera beta sif 10 month ka h wo mere bina rah bhi n pata h liken phir mai use aapne se dur rakhi hu 😭



  8. Even at this hard time you're handling things with such a discipline and obviously with the thought of getting your child back to your arms is that strong motive that keeps you going . Thank you for sharing your diet cause right now my mom needs it too. She had caught a cold in the past 4 days and she even took 2 rapid tests just to see if the cold could be covid but it was negative . But now her symptoms are severe than before though she is vaccinated with the third one too the symptoms that she has is pointing towards the omicron . She coughs a lot , her nose is running and she has a little of headache too so today early in the morning I told her to do a self test which came positive so we did again for the second time which also came positive and then we went to the doctor for pcr . She hasn't had fever so we think it could be omicron instead of covid and so does the doctor say . So right now she is quarantined in her room. And it's like she is passing a normal flu … . Now we're waiting for the results of the pcr . So we're hoping it to be negative 🤞🏾!!! Thank you Shika ji for uploading this journey of yours . There are a lot of misunderstandings going on in this world regarding this situation people are being reckless with this disease so it's good to see how people should act if they get into this situation !!! Get well soooooon!!!

    P.S. we also did a pcr but before that me , dad and my brother also did a rapid which came negative!

  9. Ur such a amazing mom if I am covid patient I don't know how I will react much love from Bhutan 🇧🇹🇧🇹🇧🇹

  10. hey shikha one more thing that i wanba share with you is that.. which also helped me alot whenever i get suck it also help boosting my immune system.. that is a kind of tea masala.. which includes dry ginger powder. black pepper.. cloves.. dalchini. roasted cumen seeds.. ilaichi. mix and roast them all little bit and grind them to a fine powder and take a pinch of it.. in your green tea or black tea.. trust me it is really helpful

  11. Hi I am a big fan of you I watched all your YouTube videos. I am from South America Guyana. So glad to see you getting better . I love Alayna❤

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