Larry Ellison delivers Oracle's vision to advance global healthcare I Oracle Live

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Oracle Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison shares Oracle’s vision and strategy to address one of the most important challenges in the world today: creating more effective, efficient, and secure healthcare to improve health outcomes globally.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. This is exactly why patient records should be owned and controlled by the patient, not a hospital or compsny, like google or oracle, that is primarily motivated by the ability to monetize health records. Oracle is no different than google, cerner, epic, etc in this regard. Decentralized solutions that travel with the patient are more accurate, more complete, and much more private. HIE of One has bern working toward this for the past few years.

  2. Don't you think a decentralised blockchain-based solution would be more secure and reliable for storing all the nation's health data.

  3. Dear Larry,
    I hope you will see some of these comments.
    Much of your ideas and discussions are very good and admirable.
    But you are looking at one part of the problem and not recognizing the other part because you were never a patient or a lawyer fighting for a patient when things went wrong. All of the data in the system is created by doctors and nurses etc. in the hospital system and they have easy read and write access to the system and the patient has no access , not even full read only access.
    Sometimes they are allowed a very, very limited in scope remote minimalized partial read only access when and if they apply for a remote account.
    The patient almost always cannot see the system and cannot access the complete data file to see the data and verify if that data is correct or not. Sometimes there many errors accidentally entered or intentionally entered to cover up for things that doctors or nurses suspect might result in incriminating evidence
    that they have done something wrong and might result in a lawsuit against them or the hospital at some point in the future. There should be a recognized right to all patients to have , at a minimum, read only access to all of their related EHR systems anywhere and to have , at a minimum, the right to verify data in the system and add comments into the system if they notice any errors or falsified data or other other types of discrepancies in their related EHR data and files.
    Thank You Very Much,
    Martin Smilow

  4. Personally as a patient I’m really sick of all the portals and the expectation of the patient to use texting to confirm appointments and portals to register and pull preliminary paperwork to print or digitally complete there are elderly people that aren’t good with technology or don’t have the devices. A portal should be for my convenience like checking test results online it’s my choice then and not being forced on me.

  5. I love Dr. Ellison's genius of bringing order to chaos, especially in the HIM sector. Oracle continues to lead in information connectivity with seamless synchronization, where time is of essence and a commodity for saving and preserving life! Awesome!

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    Jun 10, 2022 — Oracle and Cerner “have all the technology required to build a revolutionary new health management information system in the cloud,” he said.

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    Larry Ellison said Oracle plans to build a national health records database that would pull data from thousands of hospital-centric EHRs.

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    The hostile bid for PeopleSoft is just the most recent example. With one clever strategic move, Larry Ellison threw much of the business software field into …

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  7. This is exciting! Also, the first one to master nursing documentation can help facilities recruit AND retain more nurses because the workflows are a major cause of burnout – not pay, not the managers. The computers should be helping more, but often they hinder despite good intentions. 😔

  8. Thanks for envisioning a transparent world class Health Management Information Systems Integrated blue print for black hole deep dark dense space Surfacing the Operational THEATRE of Real Life and Death Silent Smiling Sweep Stakes taken away, apart and along the most loved ones lost during artificial well planned, executed and manufactured pandemic of epic proportions possessed Axis of Evils corrupted reality engineered political duplicity embedded duality and polarity embraced greedy Policy Spheres Influencing inate, inherent and immanent nexus between Banks, Hospitals, Courts and Public Servants Controlled Civil Society Shadowing State Surveillance Machinery Status Quo eroding fabric of essential Humanistic TRUST in the So Called Scientific Super Speciality Systems itself where lines between Health Care and Hospitality Tourism Leisure Industries boundaries is blurred big time. Last ten years of my life worthwhile taking care of my parents trivial surgical operations, implants and critical pre post recuperating care taught me a lot and your depth of awareness of real life professional challenges, issues and emergency situational understanding about vitality of time value savings through relevant information access via electronic health records Database Infrastructure Cloud is the Silver Lining Blessings in Disguise Driven Solutions Oriented Patients Centric Professional Credibility MINDSET Validated, Verified and Vivified approaches giving keys to users privacy well deserved weight to white coat which is becoming black day by day and must be swapped with black coat lords of white lies lured losses leadership across Spectrums of thinking, feeling and doing that which is unforgiven, unborn and unheard, yet floating same story in different Heartland, Homeland, Fatherland and Motherland. You are beacon of light giving hope that deep rooted problems will elevate pains and resolve into peace through right treatment at real time in right place by perfect trained hands of professional experts systems that eradicates the fake supplies across all levels, layers and links that poisons lifeblood of whole country economy.

  9. This has been a pet peeve of mine for decades. With my permission, the credit bureaus can provide a full background to every used car shop in the USA. But two different doctors who saw me in two different clinics in the same town don’t have each other’s data.


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