Living A Primal Lifestyle 7 06 2022: Danger, Danger, We Need a Better Label!

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Living A Primal Lifestyle,” where we explore a return to a balanced and natural wild world, to recover our natural health and regain our rights and freedom!
Living A Primal Lifestyle 7.06.2022: Danger, Danger, We Need a Better Label!

Show Notes:
Now That BA.5 Is Dominant, Stopping It Will Be Difficult:
‘All-In-One’ Vaccine Could Protect Against Future Covid-19 Variants, Researchers Say:
COVID-19 variant boosters won’t need new clinical trials for clearance, FDA says:
Found: The ‘holy grail of catalysis’—turning methane into methanol under ambient conditions using light:
Agricultural pesticides and cancer? Idaho researchers hope to better understand link:
Single-use plastic waste is getting phased out in California under a sweeping new law:
The Keto Diet May Be More Dangerous Than You Thought:
Mice Study Reveals a New Signal Pathway in The Brain That Regulates Binge Eating:
New Survey Shows Plant-Based Chicken Needs A Better Label:

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