Meck Co. Public Health offers monkeypox vaccine on Pride weekend

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It’s pride weekend in the Queen City and thousands of people took over South Tryon Street in Uptown celebrating 20 years of Charlotte pride and 40 years of pride legacy in the Queen City.

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  1. In UK 3 strait people 2 female 1 male are infected by mpox, all of them had their first symptoms Inside the nose.

    It is believed that infected persons wiped their wounds with bank notes and that contaminated notes used in drug consume are the transmitters of the dieses

    Do not use bank notes or anything stored in physical contact with those notes for your consume

  2. Theo one official says "anyone can get it" and in the very next second the news reporter is like "only men or trans can get the vaccine"

  3. It must be very hard to take video on those parades and keep it family friendly. It can't be 3 minutes before seeing a dong or people having orgies

  4. Queen city news oh the irony 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Proud of a legacy of disease AIDS Monkey Pox
    There will be no explaining why only GM ad little boys getting this

  5. Falsely claiming without evidence that unvaccinated persons are completely responsible for spreading COVID-19 and should be discriminated against=Totally fine.

    Merely stating epidemiologic data showing that 98% persons infected with monkeypox belong to a certain group of people who engage in a certain high risk sexual behavior= Scapegoating, demonizing, and ostracizing that must be stopped!

  6. Their you go take experimental drugs for something you pass around with bad sexual habits and even on two animals like dogs apparently, but if your all getting poked all the time things will eventually work out that and mother nature itself.

  7. Overseas those who have gotten monkey pox = are 26% HIV positive and 53% positive for some other type of sexually transmitted disease

  8. Why aren’t you asking them to abstain until monkey pox subsides? Everyone else was asked not to go out with covid?

  9. You are not suppose to have human contact with other people after this vaccine. There is high chance you can spread to other humans because your arm leaks puss for like 5 days that spreads poison ivy. This is information I learned in the military prior to my vax.

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