Medicine’s Dirty Secret | Doctors and Mental Health

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Doctors have some of the highest rates of depression and suicide out of any profession, and yet, they are less likely to seek mental health treatment than the general population. Why is there such a stigma surrounding mental health among physicians? And what can we do to change it?

Mental health stigma among physicians is an issue that impacts all of us. We need to take a good hard look at the issue of mental health among physicians and start making strides to break down these barriers to seeking treatment. Only then will we be able to make meaningful progress towards happier and healthier physicians.

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00:00 Introduction
01:18 The Culture of Medicine
03:21 Medical Licensure & Hospital Privileges
06:10 How to Decrease Stigma

How to Manage Stress as a Student:
Why Are Doctors Miserable? | The BURNOUT Epidemic:
The Truth About the Burnout Epidemic:

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  1. Or it could be a much darker issue that no one seems to wanna talk about. Why aren't we talking about how these forms of help which typically end with psychiatrists getting involved, are ruining patients? Maybe it's because most doctors understand the stastical over view and success rates are extremely low. Patients are being medications which have no scientific evidence to back their usage up. The only study we have was a 2018 meta analysis involving 522 case studies and 21 popular antidepressants which showed that those antidepressants where slightly more effective then the placebo effect which is terrible not to mention the duration of helpfulness was never disclosed. Mental health services do more harm then good when it comes to medications and worse, the victims of these drugs are either gas lit, labeled as crazy, given more drugs, forced into a psych ward or told that these drugs can't cause this suffering meanwhile no evidence exists to conclude that statement. Just like pain management we are landing mental health badly. Bet money doctors don't even know about Benzo kindling, protracted withdrawal and discontinued syndrome which can last years and years causing suffering in more then half the population at any given time these are the services doctors will be offered… Drugs to numb the problem until the drugs turn and ruin their life. Keep in mind most harm happens to those who use their medication as prescribed not abused.

  2. Imagine sacrificing all of the fun years where memories and self develops. Studying 12 hours a day, and then working 80 hours a week or more for less than minimum wage. You endure hell while being under a constant pressure to compete. A 12 year marathon. When you finally arrive, you get told that your benefits and pay are being cut, mid-levels are encroaching on your practice, and a MBA is telling you how to care and treat patients.

  3. Hi Med School Insiders, would it be possible to talk about residents unionizing? The pros, cons and why there aren't many unions for medical residents/doctors. Please and thank you.

  4. I'm still studying my undergrad course which is Biology and planning to proceed medicine however, a year ago, I got covid infection and by then experiencing anxiety and panic attacks so I'm having second thoughts now…

  5. I plan to be open if I go through this. I won't be silent and show prove of video, comments and even my own work place and schooling to show this is a serious issue. I can't help people if I can't get help for myself.

  6. This week we talked about med students that use some drug for to be more clever or something with our teacher and he said why today's students is like this? . I had a congress yesterday and there was a person who speak about how to improve ourselfs and how we should make more efforts and there are to many teachers like him.They though they are giving us good advice but i don't think so.the med school already difficult enough and they say how to fill cv, ….Every person different from each other some of us don't tired easily, they can go city to city, country to country or talk to teachers easily but most of us isn't like this and they want us to be that kind of person.I give my energy to lessons and i'm doing my hobbies at my remaining time.I don't want to listen anymore

  7. Hi! I’m an incoming first year medical student and have bipolar disorder. I’ve gotten this far being open about my experiences and want to continue the transparency to try to decrease stigma around mental health. But I’m nervous about the repercussions of obtaining licensure down the road and unsure how to have such conversations. Do you have any advice? Thank you so much!

  8. The other thing too is that the treatment for depression and mental health issues is a not an actual solution. You can't expect to give someone prozac and tell them to talk to some counselor that knows nothing about how to actually help them with their problems and expect everything to get better. It's much deeper than that and there needs to be solutions targeted at the cause of peoples stress. Career/med school problems – need a mentor who can show you the way; finance problems – refer to white coat investor or jimmy turner, relationship/marriage problems – refer to a life coach like Corey Wayne or some other dating coach

  9. Hard work thats productive and aligned with your purpose doesn't lead stress/burnout. The big thing that causes anxiety is the uncertainty and uber-competitiveness of the match and not knowing if your hard work will pay off or not

  10. It doesnt help when acgme is forcing us to complete “fatigue and burnout module” when I am working 80+hrs a wk & our program is sending emails that if we dont get this done they’ll pull us out of clinical duties lol 🙄 please do that, please.

  11. When I was hit by a car, they wanted to talk about my depression more than my potential injuries in the crash. I was on a bicycle and barrel rolled over the car, did a flip, and fell head first into the ground, but somehow my depression was the biggest factor, here? Haven't gone to a doctor since and invested in tricked out first aid and field surgeon's kits from Amazon just in case something like that ever happens again, so that way I can just fix myself at home without all that nonsense of doctors demanding to know why I took myself off the antidepressants that made me obese and really sick physically without doing a whole lot for my depression. 0/10 would not recommend ever getting caught with mental health problems even if you aren't a doctor 🙄😒😕

  12. How can you correlate the number of doctors around the world and the number of males around the world?

  13. my husband is in residency now and my question is still the same even i keep supporting him, WHY YOU YOU CHOOSE TO GO TROUGH THIS PATH IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL END UP HATING YOUR LIFE WITH NO TIME FOR YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AND NOT GETTING SUPPORT AT WORK LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING ???? But still many like him are still choosing medicine 'mine wanting to specialize in neurosurgery. but how well , i keep doing my best for him)

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