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AMA CXO Todd Unger talks with Megan Ranney MD, MPH, a practicing emergency physician, researcher and national advocate for innovative approaches to public health at Brown University, about gun violence and why we need to approach it as a public health issue with physicians playing an important role.

AMA resources and statements:
• “The Physician’s Role in Promoting Firearm Safety” CME module:

• AMA statement on Texas school shooting:

• AMA renews call for gun violence prevention in wake of Tulsa shooting:

0:00 AMA Moving Medicine for June 6, 2022
1:03 Firearm-related injury is the No. 1 leading cause of death among children and teens in the U.S. since 2020
3:08 As an ER doctor, how has firearm violence affected your emergency room?
5:04 Explain importance of addressing firearm injury and death as a health problem
6:46 Need to focus on firearm injury vs. guns, similar to car safety (e.g., decreasing car-crash deaths by 70% after seat belts, airbags, drivers license standards, etc.)
8:36 What are the root causes of firearm-related injuries and deaths and how do we address them?
12:36 There is no factual link between mental illness and violence against others
14:06 Why do we need more data and funding for firearm-injury prevention research?
16:31 What role do you see physicians playing in this public health effort?
18:21 How can physicians work together on the issue of firearm violence?
20:13 How can organizations support policies and advocate for initiatives aimed at encouraging firearm safety and preventing firearm-related injuries and deaths?

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