Men Who Had Monkeypox Say Public Health System Not Prepared For Diagnosis, Care

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There are more than 500 confirmed cases of monkeypox infections across the country. Around the world there are nearly 7,000 cases and a majority of the cases affect gay men. NBC News contributor Benjamin Ryan spoke with men who had the virus about their experience.  » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Men Who Had Monkeypox Say Public Health System Not Prepared For Diagnosis, Care


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  3. Any other community spreading this disease around would be told to stop engaging in disease spreading behaviour. Any man who passes this on to his wife or kids should be prosecuted but he won't because the victims don't count anymore.

  4. Beware The Hood is not forgiving to anyone trespassing I’ve known people who have been killed by spreading diseases or STDs. If you nasty keep it to yourself some folks take it another level just saying be careful

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  8. The healthcare system is not informed or prepared to treat patients that have had adverse reactions/medical events due to the COVID-19 Vaccines either but no one will talk about that .

  9. prayers & hugs! where's my enfamil, daddy toxic shock tampon to a rusty hanger & diabetic covid mad cow hamburger? lol. god bless & ukraine rocks! peace, ya'll!

  10. So a disease, that is primarily affecting one group… isn't grounds to stop that group from massing together, and possibly spreading this disease into the mainstream populace.

  11. Thankfully the biolabs in Ukraine got wiped out. Now the ones in Nigeria and the rest of the world need demolished too. Including bill gates pet mosquitoes that are causing havoc as well.

  12. This is the best report on this issue yet! Very Frank, and brutally open. This is so sad that anyone has to sit in extreme pain awaiting treatment.

  13. The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, he was crusified died and rose on the 3rd day, He paid the wages of our sin so that we could through him have eternal life. Please call out on his name so that you could have his free gift of salvation, and get to be in his presence for eternity. 😊😊😊💕💕💕💠💠💠💠❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏 God bless you, come join the family of Christ Jesus!! 🎇

  14. I'm just amazed at how some think they can go at it with multiple partners like there is zero consequence. Not protecting yourself and having a bit of self respect gets unwanted babies and disease. Hard to feel sorry to those that refuse to hear truth.

  15. You would think AFTER 3 years of covid experience !!! the public health system (worldwide! not just the USA )would get its act together.
    + contact tracing
    + follow ups
    + vaccine (all are regular activities within the pandemic skillsets) = which makes me wonder…r Are they dropping the ball with current covid situation?
    just asking questions.

  16. Nope, not when they diagnose shingles as monkey pox. Think they need to take infectious disease classes again.

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