Mental Health IS Health! | Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

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Mental Health IS Health Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
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Video by Dr. Dawn Elise Snipes on integrative behavioral health approaches including counseling techniques and skills for improving mental health and reducing mental illness.

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  1. Watch videos of Jim Nduruchi . What do you think Jigger Victims are feeling? Neglected! Where is USAid? Comic Relief

  2. My boss came around this morning handing out green ribbons and told us it was Mental health awareness month… I said okay so you're aware that I have mental health issues what are we going to do about it?….. Like you're aware that mental health issues are the symptom, not the problem… Much like how a runny nose is a symptom the problem lies much deeper… Mental health issues are just how the problems manifest in your brain… What are we going to do about the problems? Nothing… okay cool…. back to work everyone …glad we're all "aware" we're all losing our s*** though… Maybe go to the doctor and get some medicine that you'll probably abuse…

  3. I really appreciate all of the health care workers involved with my sweet autistic labeled son. The Directed Energy Tools work amazing for you guys. So well all my neighbors have placed them in central air units and bbq pits. 24 hours a day I'm chasing kind neighbors, joggers, nurses, and even sweet kids that want to make sure my angel gets the shock treatment he doesn't deserve. God Bless us all.

  4. I have lived with depression my whole life. It makes so sense how mental health is not included in healthcare. I can’t afford to see a therapist, do I have to pay out of pocket for medication. I can’t afford to pay for therapy. I think therapy would help. But it is what it is. Unfortunately I was born in America.

  5. About two years ago, my mental state was so bad that I could barely think straight or even get myself to move, much less work out and eat healthy. As time went on, my stress decreased, my mood improved, and my self perception became healthier. It was only then that I was really capable of addressing my physical maladies, which videos like this have been helpful for.
    I guess I had to want to get better before I could force my body in to action. I had been largely instructed in the past that my physical condition mattered the most, and that mental/emotional health was not important. But my physical state dropped off in to the abyss when my emotions became unmanageable. I ended up gaining a whole person's worth of weight after that, hah!

  6. Wabash Valley Friendship Clubhouse says hello! I am a mental health awareness advocate. I have an associates degree major in psychology and I have dealt with mental health issues myself. God bless you and your loved ones forever in Jesus name ❣️

  7. Yes!! It IS HEALTH!!
    Now if we would teach our youth this!!

    And about economics and nutrition and our own bodies and how all these things we interact with from the body and mind out work… we would be beyond brilliant moving forward.

    (And dental and eye.:))

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