MICRO SUMMIT Creating Healthy Lifestyle – What if you know already… and you are self-sabotaging..?

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How emotional agility and intelligence can be the catalyst to fall in love with the things that are good for you.
Maybe not addressing old and new scraps and bruises skillfully adds up to jinx your motivation, invites distraction and stops you from putting better actions into place?

Emotional first aid kit
Do you have one?
What is it?
Why is it essential for EVERY household

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TUESDAY, 28 JUNE 2022 AT 14:30 UTC+01
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Event by Galia Yakimova
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Dear friends, it has never been a better time to talk about Creating and Having a Healthy Lifestyle then before.
We are all witnessing what is happening in the world in the last two years. Abnormal stress, uncertainty fear, depression, illness, so much death and grief almost in any family, failing businesses, financial loss, negative thinking, discouragement.
Witnessing all these, I decided with my friends, with whom we vibrate on the same waves to come together and speak about the most important things in Life:
Our Health, Which is Our New Wealth!
About Relationships, between me and God, between partners, children, society and ourselves. How do be stress-free and keep in this state? How to have faith in the midst of adversity? How to deal with loss and grief? How to meditate and why to meditate? Moreover, in How to Love Ourselves? All the important life questions we are going to discuss with you.
I have invited experienced professionals, who are so excited to meet you on 28 June and share their knowledge and expertise with you.
So, reserve this day, 28 June 2022 and time4.30 pm UK time and join us online on my FB page. Invite your friends, tune in, soak in, ask questions & share. Be open and receptive and pass on….
My guests:
SHERINE LAVGROVE – Transformational Coach/Clinical Hypnotherapist/The Sovereign Way/Helping professional women ‘Crack their Code of Imposter Syndrome/Mother-Baby relationship
NETTY BRYAN – Founder at Power Up Coaching Academy/Faith, Money, Business Coach/Public Speaker/ Mentor
LILLIAN ZAKAY – Coach/Trainer/Speaker/Helping Christian Professional Women through grief and loss, heal emotions find Hope, Joy, and Peace
SIMONE MOIR – Confidence Coach for Females/YOGA/Meditation/“Turn daily activities into nourishment for body, mind and emotions so life starts happening FOR YOU”
GALIA YAKIMOVA – Life Coach/Inner Healing/Wellbeingcoancierge/Holistic Therapist/Broadcasting/Public Speaking
“I help women with childhood trauma such as rejection, fear, lost identity, and false beliefs to heal their emotional wounds, reconnect with their inner self and stand up!”


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Awesome, Semone. It is just one day away from our online Summit, Creating Healthy Lifestyle at the time of adversity. Can't wait. :-). Dear followers, just join us!

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