Military Trauma Surgeon Rates 10 Battle Wounds In Movies & TV | How Real Is It?

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Trauma surgeon and Navy veteran Dr. Peter Rhee rates 10 battlefield medical scenes in movies and television for realism.

Dr. Rhee discusses the accuracy of medical war scenes in “Hacksaw Ridge” (2016), starring Andrew Garfield; “Three Kings” (1999), featuring Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney; “Saving Private Ryan” (1998), featuring Tom Hanks; and “Cherry” (2021) with Tom Holland. He also comments on the reality of bullet and grenade wounds in “Black Hawk Down” (2001), “Band of Brothers” (2001), and “M*A*S*H” (1973) and analyzes combat medical procedures in “The Outpost” (2020), “Our Girl” (2014), and “Combat Hospital” (2011).

Dr. Peter Rhee is a trauma surgeon and a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served for 24 years. He is currently the chief of acute care surgery and trauma at the Westchester Medical Center. He wrote the book “Trauma Red” about his experience as a trauma surgeon.

“Trauma Red” by Dr. Peter M. Rhee:

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YouTube video

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Military Trauma Surgeon Rates 10 Battle Wounds In Movies & TV | How Real Is It?


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. He chose the right job, explaining this as fun 😀 all this sounds like a apocalyptic nightmare to me, but that’s why i’m not a trauma surgeon

  2. you could use an oval shaped sponge pad put it in the arm pit then rap the turnikit around the pad across the chest

  3. A good friend of mine got shot at a party in high school and we thought putting a tourniquet on was the best idea. We did not apply it correctly and the EMT informed us that if they were even a few minutes later he either would of bled out or his leg would of been rendered useless and would of have to of been amputated. The amount of blood on the floor in only a matter of mere seconds was insane. The bullet entered the side of his thigh, missed the bone but nicked the artery. Something I will never forget.

  4. When he’s talking about how in civilian triage we go full bore team of 10 and never decide if someone’s dead or not in a few seconds that’s not actually true.

    They teach us in EMT school about “black tags” during triage situations (like mass car crashes or shootings). Basically if someone is pulseless, apneic, or has a grave injury then they receive the lowest priority of treatment because even if they might be alive for the next few minutes, we don’t have the resources in the field needed to keep them alive while treating other priority patients

  5. Im not squimish but this video is literally giving me the chills cause i can imagine it happening to me as he describes it

  6. "Walking Blood Bank" Is so true! I gave blood twice there in Ramadi in 2006. Charlie Med had their sh!t together there.

  7. Wow! You are an amazing Man! Thank you for all youve done and for sharing your totally unique and amazing experiences!!

  8. I'm glad he pointed out that the odds of undetonated ordinance has a very low likelihood of exploding while being removed or after removal. It goes hand in hand with Hollywood's obsession with ropes slowly giving way over time as someone dangles on it. If the rope didn't snap when the person fell with the 1000+ounds of force that generates, it won't snap during the 200 of you simply hanging. Same concept at work.

  9. I think sometimes these guys are so smart but out of touch I've shot animals in gut that had blood in mouth 😱

  10. 7:07 "The main thing is just, get them to me as soon as you can, and stop the bleeding. If it's not your heart and your major vessels we can save you." Wow, what a gangster, such respect for this guy.

  11. Re. Ordinance in people:

    I've read some harrowing reports from WW2 bomber crews where an unexploded 20 or 30mm round has punched through the body of a bomber and ended up inside one of the crew, and then they had to try to keep the guy alive and prevent the round going off until they got the plane down on the ground again. I imagine that would have been a very long plane flight for all concerned.

  12. Ex Foreign Legion combat medic and full nurse with now nearly 20 years as a medical/security contractor I can only pull my hat. Brilliant explanations, spot on, no BS. A lot of people make fun – for whatever reason – of medics, so here's a little reminder: "NEVER look down on a medic, there might be the day where you look UP to one." Stay safe everyone !

  13. When someone keeps his composure while saying that if the tourniquet has been put for more than two hours, the leg is dead and have to be amputated…

    what have you been seeing on a daily basis? "Saw" on steroids?

  14. A cool medical fact, coca cola was invented by a soldier addicted to morphine, he invented coca cola to help soldiers keep away from addiction

  15. I suspect the 'Huey' at the end clip is actually something like an RAF Griffin, look similar. The RAF ones in Cyprus have winches too. In Afgan, US Blackhawks with winches proved invaluable in getting guys out of mine field's in a couple of incidents.

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