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Model and social media star Natalie Noel takes us inside her packed refrigerator! She reveals her top fridge must-haves for gut health, essential drinks to kick-start her morning, her favorite take-out food, and she even makes us her favorite snack! Make sure to check out Natalie on the most recent edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit out now! More Fridge Tours:

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  1. Kombucha and Green Juice sounds like such a California thing to get obsessed with in eating healthy. Middle American girls don’t have such a luxury to afford such name brand items. Sure, we could find the brand if we look hard enough, but the price hunting is exhausting.

  2. That’s me …open fridge, out falls tupaware or something the hubby crammed in that isn’t IN THE RIGHT PLACE🫣😂 nice normal fridge 👍🏻

  3. For anyone who is not familiar with Natalie, she is really someone you should follow. Her content is all about empowering others, body positivity, social and environmental issues, and fashion/business. She is a great example to others for the way she remains true to herself.

  4. Love that we get to see more of Natalie and her interests and she is able to show her real personality. I love how she uses her platform too.

  5. The fact Natalie didn’t get her fridge professionally organized before this video like other celebrities is just one of the many reasons why I love her. She is STUNNING 😍😍😍

  6. It has been so cool watching Natalie’s journey online. She started as a shy assistant and now she is a confident model and business women. She is my inspiration.

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