Monkeypox is now a national public health emergency

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. I’m very happy that my daughter is totally cure from monkey pox thank vey I’m grateful #drodia you saved my only daughter life I’m happy my daughter is back to life .

  2. I’m very happy that my daughter is totally cure from monkey pox thank vey I’m grateful #drodia you saved my only daughter life I’m happy my daughter is back to life .

  3. Don't worry we know President Biden will stop the spread, just like he stopped Covid! /sarcasm. Almost all Americans over the age of 50 are already somewhat protected from Monkeypox since they have had the smallpox vaccination. Monkeypox is not really the one we need to be so worried about – there is Langya henipavirus that just starting to spread, guess where, CHINA!
    WHO data classifies Henipavirus with a 40-75% fatality rate.

  4. We are paying attention. When they cant take the money from medicade and medicare and insurance this national emergency allows them to go around not getting the bill passed to take the millions out of medicare and medicade. These people are absolutely RUDE!

  5. I'm sure Biden will handle this way better then Trump did with covid. Come on Democrats, show us what's up. But I'll stay tuned to see how the Democrats blame this on Trump.

  6. Here we go again. First it was covid, now it's monkeypox!! Strange that no one mentioned this as a national health emergency back in 2003 when America was first hit with this virus. Just you watch the dems play this up for all they can get…& don't forget we have the mid term elections coming up in Nov. Oh yes it will be back to masking up & mail in ballots again. Just you wait.

  7. Imagine having to show face in public with monkey pox scars on your mouth. Lol I can allready see some plastic surgeons getting rich off monkey pox scar remove..

  8. we joke and say its a fruitbooty sickness… and well the evidence is their make sure u let the people know the side effects of this vaccine especially if you have skin issues, but this is a smallpox vaccine u are taken soo goo luck. hope u didn't compromise ur immune system covid vaccine

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