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Hello Everyone,

Master Shi YanXu. Thank you all for signing on with me during last week’s AMA.

I had a few questions regarding:

1) What’s the best place to practice QiGong?
2) What is QiGong?

I have answered your questions in the following video.

This Thursday, August 4th, 2022 at 6PM I will be on Zoom again to get your ideas, and discuss all the things you want to know.

“Ask Me Anything” please click on the link to register below. The zoom link will be provided upon registration.

Hello My Friends,
I’m happy to see you again. Last week we had a good first meeting with many of you. We talked about some of your questions about Qi Gong.
One question was about where is the best place and time to practice?
Anywhere you feel comfortable is the best place. And the time is up to you. The bnimportant thing is to find a quiet place where you can calm your mind and body.
Another question asked was where does Qi come from?
First – to understand WHAT is Qi?
Qi is: 1) the Air we breathe.
Qi is 2) the body, the meridians and organs, and blood, that all need circulation. Your QI helps that circulation.
Qi is 3) Your own life spirit; Death ends life spirit.
Qi is 4) is your own life energy or what we call “Ling Qi”. A healthy person has a lot of life energy. A sick person has very low life energy.
Where does Qi come from? It manifests in your body. These exercises we show you help your Qi to become stronger
Please join us again next week for more questions ideas form you about Qi Gong.
Click on the Zoom link below to join.

See you next Thursday, at 6:00pm (Pacific time).

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