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Doctors predict that by 2030, half of the world’s population will be overweight or obese. An epidemic of obesity is causing a rapid rise in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. It’s becoming the biggest health challenge worldwide.

Why has no country managed to stop this epidemic? The food industry and government authorities say it’s due to a lack of individual self-discipline. Is this true? Or is it the result of collective failure — a symptom of a liberal society that abhors obesity, yet produces people who are overweight. Is society itself to blame for this situation?

Around the world, politicians, priests, doctors, and average people are standing up to multinational food corporations. They want to take back control of their nutrition and their bodies — and they’re using the law, scientific evidence, and political activism to correct the claim that people who are obese have only themselves to blame. These critics focus on sugary drinks that can be as addictive as some hard drugs; misleading advertising directed at children and low-income people; governments that turn a blind eye to junk-food companies; and lobbying that pushes the limits of legality.

These people say that a “hostile takeover” of our food has been underway for four decades, and they’re demanding new legislation to put a stop to it. This documentary investigates how Chile is leading the way in this struggle. Which country will be the next to confront the big food corporations in the name of public health?

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  1. Eat less and move more do not work. If you want to change your world from obese to normal being search Jason Fung and listen to him

  2. When my brother needed dialysis I took him to hospital and I was shocked to see so many young people on the dialysis ward, some of these we’re dying.

  3. yes, it is up to us.

    people argue that healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food but I've been eating healthy on a budget. the problem is people don't know what affordable healthy food to buy. i do agree that there is an abundant of unhealthy food than there is healthy food but people can do research to find the healthy options.

    i stay away from places like Costco. Buying in bulk is the worse thing a family can do. They think they are saving money by buying in bulk but what they aren't aware of is that buying in bulk will only make them eat more because it's there.

    i know many overweight people who rather get a gastric bypass than to go to the gym or eating healthy food. laziness is a factor so lets call it what it is. there are exceptions but majority of overweight people make excuses on why they can't be more active or blame eating healthy food on being expensive. they simply don't want to put in the work.

  4. Fast Food Industry = Tobacco Industry. Until we sanction all of these junk food companies, they will continue to make obscene profit while other medical care industries also continue to make obscene fortunes off of the same clientele who are getting more and more sick! People always ask me why I hate capitalism, this is as clear as I can make it to you folks. "More Money no matter the bodies!" We have worse climate change, poverty, famine, and among other things, the most despicable disease of all rampant to no end: greed! Until we open our eyes, we will all die before we are able to see! Enough is Enough!

  5. Sugar, seed oils, processed foods, carbs, alcohol, antibiotic laced foods, GMO foods, pesticides, fungicides and insecticides including Glyphosate in the foods, eating three meals per day, inadequate or improper sleep, and stress, radiation from wifi, forever chemicals, heavy metals, polluted contaminated water, molds, H.pylori, smoking, drugs, antibiotic-laced meat: Together these factors underlie leaky gut, and contribute to metabolic diseases, cancer, cardiac disease, obesity and premature death. And of course, the jab.

  6. The "not having time to make my food" excuse it's just pathetic. Excuses are like ass holes – everybody's got one. I work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. I make it so that I never run out of time to eat healthy. I'd rather not eat, than poison myself with fast food. It just comes down to laziness, more than tiredness. Sugar is the most destructive drug on this planet. And it's legal. Not cigarettes, not alcohol, not cocaine or heroin, but sugar. You find sugar even in salami because it is a conservation agent and it's addictive. One way to fight obesity at a global scale would be to limit the amount of sugar in drinks and food down to a certain very small level for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. However, for that to happen, it would mean the governments on Earth have to care about their population, which they obviously don't. Add to that a general world population that is stupid and uneducated enough = obesity. McDonalds doesn't shove the food into your mouth, it's a choice you make. Nobody forces you to drink alcohol, it's a choice you make, etc. Stop making these choices, and you will stop being obese, it's that simple.

  7. There's a 100 different and intertwining reasons to explain obesity in a population, I think it's less understood and often forgotten how the state of being obese has influenced the body physiologically, people view being skinny/fat as just changes in body composition when there's a lot that takes place

  8. Well atleast fat people float better because by 2030 1/2 of the land today will be under water due to global warming.

  9. Blaming things on anything but one’s own choice of consumption, is basically the only reason for every single issue which is experienced.

    It’s like watching people punch themselves in the face, just to turn around and blame someone or something for the bruises on their face.

  10. first world problems, created by first world greed due to the values held by first world society are'n't the problems of the world, we have children dying of starvation, malnourishment and drought all thanks to climate change caused by industrialized western nations that are now complaining abt the bullshit they sowed for years as "world problems"

  11. seriously obesity is the most important international health problem? people who give into theyre desires without trying to ever break free, get fat and then suffer are a bigger problem than the kids who die of starvation and malnourishment? go f urslf mate.

  12. Everyone has a choice of what they eat. Period! Are there contributing factors that cause obesity? Yes. There are way too many low nutrition and high caloric foods.

  13. There is an economic aspect to consider as well.
    I'm from a developing country in W Africa. Cheapest food here will get you malnutrition; but cheapest food will get you obesity in the US. Unfortunately, life is too expensive for most families in the US to get off of cheap food, even when working full-time.
    My mother knew this very well. On my send off to the US, she said : I am not sending you there to eat McD.

  14. It sounds like a black sheep! How about serious education, counter indoctrination and health control means? Obesity is individual responsibikity towards him self as well as his entire family and society.

  15. The elephant in the room is the fact that today's food doesn't have the nutritional value it once did, largely due to corporate industrial farming. You simply can't get the vits, minerals, amino acids necessary for health, the body is starving & the signal to stop eating is never sent.

  16. Once you stop drinking sweet drinks for a while they will taste insanely sweet to the point of spitting it out or only being able have just a few sips

  17. As someone on my own weightloss journey, it’s insane to see how many modern societies are literally built to make us fat. The over abundance and convenience of terrible, processed food, the long working hours, over-reliance on cars etc etc

    It is, of course, up to the individual to make choices about their lifestyle. But making unhealthy choices is infinitely easier, because corporations want to make food as addictive as possible to keep us coming back for more.

  18. It's amazing how adults just don't take responsibility for over eating. Especially fat women, it's always either their genetics or someone else's fault.

  19. Patty excuses don't help. Practice self discipline, self control and self worth. It's choices. Drugs are everywhere, you didn't use those,but you are an addict. Food addict. If we see someone on heroin we are disgusted. Why would eating too much be any different? Addiction is ugly. I've been there. It's your body. It's your life

  20. Why does it have to be a WAR all the time? War on obesity, and the most famous of all war on drugs….do we have less junkies? Nope

  21. That advert at 15 mins 47 seconds, shows your who is in charge, evil people. That kind of image in a childrens advert is unacceptable and shows the evil that is ruling, and it is so confident that by having this evil on show, they are saying we can be evil in plain sight and cant be stopped. Have no part in this sick consumerist world and pray for society

  22. I have no doubt that multinationals behave in quasi-conspiratorial ways, and that they are willing to prey upon human weaknesses for profit. However, I do not see enough evidence to name corporates as the sole and central culprits in the obesity epidemic. Here's why: China was a growing problem with obesity and diabetes, and their diet hasn't changed that much–they still seem to prefer low fat, low sugar choices. What has changed in the last 20-25 years in China is: 1) infrastructure and agri-business have allowed for better better distribution of food–there are more food choices, seasonality is no longer considered, they have meat with nearly every meal these days; 2) They have urbanized and high "rised"–no more stairs to climb 3) They have bought cars. 4) They have disposable income. Ok, yes they have MacDonald's and Pizza Hut, but those Western fast food chains have completely different menus (seafood vegetable soup, rice bowls, green bean pies–I don't think in 20 years I ever saw a Chinese customer order a hamburger) and much smaller portions, plus it is expensive and they are not frequented on a regular basis. They also have plenty of treats available, but they have always had, and they tend to be far less sweet than western treats. Give a Chinese person a snickers, they will say "It's too sweet!" I think it is irresponsible to tout the idea that exercise is not necessary to maintain a healthy weight. It has never been the complete answer, but muscle mass burns calories, and activity levels are still important drivers of metabolism–even if it is not the magic pill solution. I am guessing that the real problem is having too many options, and too few things within our price ranges to spend on, besides food. Sugary drinks have been around in the USA since the 1800's and have always been low cost, convenience foods since the 1950s. Your arguments are just not strong enough, your evidence is weak.

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