Obesity: England’s most pressing healthcare challenge?

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Obesity is one of the biggest public health challenges facing the UK. In this new film, RCP special adviser on obesity Professor Rachel Batterham OBE meets leading experts and patients to consider what needs to be done to take meaningful action on this complex problem.

The documentary explores the latest science on how and why people develop obesity and the most recent available treatments. It considers obesity through the lens of health inequalities: how some groups are more affected than others, and how reducing stigma and elevating the patient voice are crucial in tackling the issue.


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  1. Shocking!!! World wide problem that is growing.
    I find it interesting that a first world county's health system not geared for this…

  2. This documentary is bullshit. Genetics don't determine weight gain. They do nothing but make dumb excuses for poor food choices.

  3. Not a single overweight child on our school photos from the 50s and 60s in quite a deprived area. No pizzas or sweet yogurts in the shops then. Nowadays a packed of ham eg generally has about 5 different types of sugar in it.

  4. Last week ate a bite of so called “finest” supermarket sausage. Thought it tasted strangely sweet to see it had sugar in the ingredients. As I had only checked for ‘no wheat’ content before I bought it I will need to be more careful in future.

  5. Lift weights, do some cardio and learn basic nutrition. Obesity crisis solved. Not once was sugar or insulin response mentioned here…joke documentary.

  6. I think genetics plays a role in obesity in the sense that some people have a much greater insulin response to the same refined carbs and sugar than others. Education of the hormonal model of obesity should start in schools. Insulin is the fat storage hormone, you cannot store and unstore fat at the same time. In order to lose weight you have to lower the insulin. This can be done by seriously lowering the carbs and sugar intake, by eating 2 or 3 times a day with no snacking , by (intermittent) fasting. Even without exercise people will lose weight if they keep the insulin level low. For info look for low carb, keto, Ben Bikman, Jason Fung and others.

  7. Genes factor maybe 10%, the rest is due to diet and lifestyle. junk foods seem to be the norm in UK, lots of them everywhere. It’s almost even encouraged by grocery stores.

  8. One of the reasons people put on weight is sugar there is sugar in everything in the supermarket and people get addicted then get diabetes

  9. Stop kidding yourself. The obesity problem will not go away, there’s too many people who’s livelihood depends on it. Tens of thousands of people work in industries that actively promote obesity, it’s an essential part of our economy. Get rid of obesity and you’ll trash the economy. Nobody is going to let that happen.

  10. There is nothing "brave" about going to the gym and I highly doubt that lady was laughed at. Most gym goers don't give 2 sh*ts about a fat person in the gym. Everyone there is trying to achieve the same goals either losing and maintaining weight, or building muscle and gaining stamina. I can't stand people who want public sympathy for choosing to be a victim. Her laughing victim story gives her an excuse not to workout. Ridiculous!

  11. It's not a problem to work out why children are obese go back to before 1980 and you will find 90% of children walked to school now all you see is cars in a traffic jam dropping of there children then when they get back home they sit down and go on a tablet or watch TV back in the 1980 and before all school had swimming once a week and PT 3 times aweek come the week end the children today play on there playstations all over the week end there is no way we can stop our children geting fatter on top of that they ,love big mac's the last thing I have observed is the children have no problem being over weight and take it as normal and the parents have a lot to answer for as they by them bags of crisps and many more sweet drinks full of sugar and chocolate bars what needs to be done is taking the parents to court and threaten them that there children will be taken of them to keep that child from becoming a diabetic cruel to be kind

  12. Insulin resistance, high levels of cortisol, frequent eating and junk food. Address these and weight will shred off.

  13. It can be inherited fat. If both your parents are fat and eat like pigs the chances are as a child they would of fed you like a piglet. Child abuse

  14. Blaming genetics is just a skape goat. Genetics only play a very small part people need to take responsibility

  15. I'm actually finding this a struggle to watch. Full of excuses. And made when people were stupid enough to bang elbows. I suggest the genetic cause is an extremely low percentage.

  16. Why do we never see what people with this problem actually eat? Every person I know who is overweight eats junk food, a high percentage of processed food, eats large portions and regularly snacks. Including myself I know three people who eat a maximum of three nutritious meals a day, rarely if ever snack and regularly exercise. We three are our ideal weight and have toned bodies. We are each of different ethnic backgrounds. I know and have known people who yoyo between different weights when they try different diets or exercise regimes. I suspect it would be revealing to see what each of the subjects in this program eats during the day. I will also add that when I'm at a supermarket a person's size almost always (possibly always) corresponds to the food they have in their basket. For the record I have been obese and am now my ideal weight with a BMI under 20. Lost 5 stone and 8" off my waist. 90% or more of this is down to the food I eat. Maybe the other 10% is down to weight training. I'd like to suggest it is closer to 100% food. Took me 5 years through research on YouTube and books.

  17. It is too easy to blame genetics or to say one doesn’t do exercise enough… and if genetics were to blame then why it were now and not before? Just ask, if added sugar is bad then how come natural sugar and starch (= sugar) would be any good? It is carbs, and mainly carbs to blame

    Obviously, official healthcare system, administration and most of the doctors just are too afraid to question 70 year old “.truths” and be open for new studies. And if you follow the money, pharmaceutical companies are only trying to sell us more medicines, not that we would be getting any healthier.

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