Ont. premier in Maritimes amid health-care crisis

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Premiers from the Maritimes and Ontario met with federal minister Dominic LeBlanc Monday in what was called a ‘spirited meeting.’

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  1. Why Can't the 70,000 Thousand Ukrainians that Were Brought to Canada Work at the Hospitals ?? or Have They Received so Many Donations That they are Rich and Don't Need to Work ??

  2. When all the Doctors and Nurses Quit Public For the "" More Money "" Private Care [ in the U.K it cost 2200$ Per month for Private insurance ] You will have Interns/ Apprentices to Experiment on you in Public Hospitals as They do their 3 Year residency and after Quit to Go Private … How many Ontarians can Afford 2200$ per month ??????????????????

  3. well according to D Ford the disabled should get jobs so perhaps cancer patients and sick kids should try volunteering at the hospitals they are in to help pull their weight

  4. I think dougy you mean cutting and cutting the dollars on heath care hasn't worked..great more gaslighting

  5. Shipping in millions of new Canadians every year. No health care expansion to keep up. Simple logic, no?

    Am I missing something? Do tell.


  6. Doug Ford promise 5000 dollars to nurses who would stay on threw the covid-19 break out, half now an the other half after the election, will that didn`t happen, he paid some but not all, so nurses walk away.

  7. Apparently, part of the solution to the health care crisis in Canada is euthanasia. 10,000 were euthanized in Canada in 2021.

  8. A health care crisis in Ontario that he created by under funding health and education sectors.

  9. I expect even more to suffer and die, just like what's happening to our neighbours in the south. Blood is already on your hands, please don't make our suffering worse.

  10. A system that worked for decades being chipped away by defunding, I wonder why it's not working anymore. Many preventative measures have been cut, and has been proven to cost more in the long run.

    Ford, you are the worst human.

  11. This is why Wexit needs to happen or Canada needs to ditch Trudeau!!!!!!

  12. If they fire 50% of the pencil pushing useless "administrators" they would have billions to spend on nursing, MRI machines, X-ray, more doctors, nurses, maintenance staff etc. and see real results. Eff these useless politician scumbags.

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