PMP Course: 0-15 – Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) -common inputs in Project Management

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Most business analysis is highly interrelated and influenced by two aspects, namely Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) and Organization Process Assets (OPA). In this video, we will first find out more Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)

EEF refers to what to consider in our project. OPA on the other hand is the process utilized to execute the project.

Enterprise Environment Factors (EEFs) include all policies, practices, procedures, and legislation that exist both inside and outside of the organization that will impact the way you manage a project.

This ranges from environmental, anti-discrimination, and occupational health and safety legislation to the choice of the project management system used by the organization, its personnel management policies, and PMI’s Code of Ethics. Some elements of the EEF are mandatory, while others represent good practice or cultural norms. But regardless of the nature of the factor, you have to work within the physical and cultural environment to be effective.

As the name suggests, ‘Environmental’ may refer to anything that is connected to natural causes that may impact humans’ daily life and activities. We have no control over natural causes. However, there are ways for us to adapt regardless of what nature brings us so that we could survive in this world. The same concept is applied in business as well.

It is an inevitable cause that may positively or negatively influence the organization, project, product, and outcome. In most cases, enterprise environmental factors negatively impact the project, constraining the success and flow.

It has two category, external or internal factors.

For external factors, this category has 12 examples


For internal factors , this category has 11 examples.



Translated titles:
Curso PMP: 0-15-Factores Ambientales Empresariales (EEF)-insumos comunes en la Gestión de Proyectos

PMP-Kurs: 0-15-Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)-allgemeine Inputs im Projektmanagement

Cours PMP : 0-15 – Facteurs environnementaux de l’entreprise (EEF)-entrées communes en gestion

Curso PMP: 0-15-Fatores Ambientais Empresariais (EEF)-insumos comuns em Gerenciamento de Projetos

पीएमपी पाठ्यक्रम: 0-15-उद्यम पर्यावरण का

دورة PMP: 0-15-العوامل البيئية للمؤسسات (EEF)-المدخلات الشائ

PMP 课程:0-15-企业环境因素 (EEF)-项目管理中的常见输入

PMP Course: 0-15-Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)-mga karaniwang input sa Project Management

Corso PMP: 0-15-Fattori ambientali aziendali (EEF)-input comuni nella gestione dei progetti

پی ایم پی کورس: 0-15-انٹرپرائز ماحولیاتی عوامل (EEF)-پروجیک


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