'Pregnant People In Alabama Are Such A Low Priority For Health Care'

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Ali traveled to Tuscaloosa, AL to tour one of the state’s clinics — the West Alabama Women’s Center — which was forced to stop providing abortions the day Roe was overturned. The staff there — including the clinic’s operations director, Robin Marty — is determined to keep the clinic open and do whatever it can to legally support pregnant people across the state – stopping short of abortion care. In a candid interview that spanned more than an hour, the clinic’s operations director Robin Marty brought him up to speed on what abortion care in the state looks like at this juncture. “I hope that at some point the legislature understands is that they aren’t shutting down abortion clinics — they’re overburdening hospitals that were already in crisis.” Hospitals are “overwhelmed,” says Marty. Pregnant people in Alabama are such a low priority for health care in general, that if you go into a hospital that has all of these pressing needs, they’re gonna put you aside because they figure it’s ‘just a pregnancy issue.’”

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

Ali Velshi

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  1. I had to move to the west coast to find a doctor that would agree to sterilize me permanently. I started asking 24 years ago. All doctors in the south told me was that I would "regret my decision", "change my mind", "meet a man who would be Mr Right and he'll want babies", "it's different when they're yours", and the kicker by a friend in central GA who has no other options and had asked for a decade to be sterilized "we're not in the business of taking away from gawd's fertility." Nobody asked any heavenly bodies for permission, I'm asking for my bodily autonomy, please and thank you, not judgement and spite from people who maybe realized too late that having children is a choice. 🤷‍♀️

    I came here for health care, not sass.

  2. hang on I'm just cyber stalking this woman so I can send her a gift basket and a round trip flight to Fiji, she's a living walking hero and so is everyone working at her clinic.

  3. You can’t call yourself pro-life when you have not advocated for appropriate pro-health for women when pregnant. Not just in the sake of abortion but the physical damages it does to the human body!

  4. I had to live in Alabama in the 1980s and it was beyond racist, draconian, poor, backward state I had lived in! Yes PP has been a staple for women/mens health care since they were created and a very needed entity! Please take care and let's vote to correct this!

  5. How is this healthcare gymnastics better than allowing people to make their own decisions about their health…

  6. Ya’ll still surprised that they want black women to be sterilized?!? I’m not. We’re not seen as women let alone human.

  7. The mainstream media has lost all credibility. Just look at their numbers, Look at the comments section the democrats and mainstream media are failing America And America is watching.

  8. This subject should not be a government issue. Government needs to stay out of the bedroom. A woman in her pregnancy should be strictly between her and her doctor. State or federal government should stay out of the picture because it is none of their business.
    When I was a young girl we discussed getting pregnant in the best advice we received was to place a hockey puck firmly between our knees and hold it there. Yep this state has a low priority for pregnant women in the thing to do is to move, Or not get pregnant. Problem solved

  9. The problem is abortion will go under ground and women will die! This is terrifying that this state will let women come close to death before the women can end a failing pregnancy.

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  11. Congressional Budget Office: The new Democrat "inflation reduction act" WILL increase taxes by 20 BILLION on MIDDLE and LOW income taxpayers. These are facts people- Senate Republicans tried to block that part of the Bill and it was REJECTED BY DEMOCRATS!!!!! Remember that.

  12. Titles like "Pregnant People" is the reason why they managed to overturn Roe v Wade. Most American want abortion to be legal (and some sort of gun control too btw) but they can't vote for people who think that they have to say "pregnant people" instead of "pregnant women"

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