Psychiatrist Breaks Down Psychotic Episodes In Movies | GQ

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Psychiatrist Eric Bender is back to break down psychosis and psychotic episodes in movies, including ‘Fight Club,’ ‘Scarface,’ ‘Black Swan,’ ‘Shutter Island,’ ‘Split,’ ‘Primal Fear,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Oldboy.’

00:00 Intro
00:29 ‘Fight Club’
03:23 ‘Scarface’
05:53 ‘Black Swan’
08:04 ‘Shutter Island’
11:25 ‘Split’
15:13 ‘Primal Fear’
17:17 ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
19:09 ‘Oldboy’

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Psychiatrist Breaks Down Psychotic Episodes In Movies | GQ


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. I like how all of a sudden his energy got tender, safe, careful when talking about integrating the different personalities by helping process the trauma.

  2. foerensic 🏥
    malingering, I know a lot of people who malingerrr 👀
    Eckbom syndrome

  3. When I told my newborn that sleep deprivation was unethical and torture, she told me in no certain words that she owned me and she didn't give an eff…

  4. Many many Hollywood misunderstandings have become mainstream. None more than being found guilty by reason of insanity somehow means you got off scott free. Being found guilty by insanity means a) you will get some of the help you need because you're deranged while living the rest of your life in padded rooms, or b) you tricked the judge and jury, congratulations, you're still locked up except now there is no timeframe for release and your only companions are insane, truly insane, impossible to relate to. There is nothing much worse for a human than total abject isolation, and being in a place where everyone either assumes you're insane or is in fact insane is about as close as we get these days to torture via isolation. Long story short if you did get found guilty by reason of insanity you would not be clicking your heels together and cheering. And within the year you'd be very likely for suicide.

  5. Cocaine derivatives are still used as a topical anesthetic, particularly in dentistry. Hence novOCAINE. I'm taking it he means it's no longer used internally as an anesthetic.

  6. With the sleep deprivation: I used to stay up for 30-72 hours at a time. There was a point once when I was writing a paper, and even though my hands were moving and I was writing just fine, I was hallucinating waves and scenes on the paper and hearing voices. Essentially, I was dreaming with my eyes open, while still conscious. One of the strangest experiences of my life, but when you haven’t had sleep you don’t really get surprised or weirded out so I kinda just went with it.

  7. Ekbom Syndrome, that's fascinating. I once had an incredibly vivid dream that there were large pustules all over my skin and earwigs were hatching out of them. It was a hideous dream, but thankfully it's never happened whilst I've been awake 😨

  8. The illusion part was interesting to me when he mentioned things being the wrong size. I have had a couple nightmares where there's just this wrong feeling and things feel too big or small. Sometimes it's like that just before going to sleep too

  9. Zooming out you suddenly become aware that all of this is happening on a TV screen — an epic space opera playing out for someone’s entertainment. But the actors don’t know they’re actors. To them, this galactic war is as real as real gets.

  10. Why don't these 'news youtube' channels get actual psychotic people to break down psychotic episodes for them? There are plenty of funcitoning schizophrenics with jobs and careers in this nation who can explain accurately beat for beat what a psychotic episode looks like.

    If you are a psychiatrist without schizophrenia, why should we trust your analysis?

    What nonsense.

  11. The next time i´m in a cocaine induced psychotic episode I will remember not to reveal it by grabing my granade launcher

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