Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Elicits Wide-Ranging Reactions & Steve Bannon Indicted | The Daily Show

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Buckingham Palace announces Queen Elizabeth II has died, Steve Bannon is indicted on fraud charges, a membership list of Oath Keepers is leaked, a Dutch city bans meat advertisements, and a Texas judge says HIV drug mandate violates religious freedoms. #DailyShow #Comedy

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  1. Is it sad that Queen Elizabeth is dead, yes of course it is.
    However, Americans do not need to mourn her death, we fought a revolution to get away from the monarchy/crown after all.

  2. You're not funny, your not a American Black, by the the way of what you express yourself in the news faking its journalism and its all your opinions, you are a LIAR. I understand its only for your views. You fake and tired. You encourage others to race bait like you do. Ask me this, why you black and European and you're not kept down. You speak about what's going on about Black Americans but you are so successful. You are not kept down. Tell me why you different from everybody else. Something is afoot.

  3. I live in the Netherlands but, i haven't heard of this. Granted, i don't live in Haarlem. Googling it right now😂

  4. Why does he speak like a Mexican when he’s referring to gang members WoW, an African American making fun of Mexicans 🤡

  5. If you want to be arrogant and sarcastic and to draw attention from the elites and still be popular and make tons of money, being Black is not enough to shield your from how pathetically boring you actually are.

  6. Trevor Noah is a DNC lapdog. His corny partisan political talk is always one-sided like he fails to see the flaws on both sides. Typical conduct of the teather class.

  7. Funny how groups like the Panthers, said law enforcement (and the court system) was being politically used against them, patriotic Americans said "It is a lie", but now "Patriotic Americans" are saying "Law enforcement, and the legal system, are being politically responded against them." 🤔…Yeah, I'm going to put worth the same energy. "I don't believe it." 😒….

  8. lol brits hate these jokes, just like Americans will hate it when people make fun of their presidents.

    joke's on both cuz their families rolling in dough lol

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  10. It's sad that she's gone but I think that as a person from one of the countries that is still recovering from the effects of being colonized by Britain that I should be celebrating instead of mourning

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