Quitting veganism may help heal chronic disease & support women’s health | Real-life case study

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I wanted to share Monica’s story with you the moment I heard it…

With her father at the forefront of the animal rights movement in the US, she lived her childhood and early adult life with a purely plant-based diet.

She was an athlete and a dancer in her teens and she enjoyed a happy, healthy adult life.

Until at 34, she tried a trendy detox program that triggered a system crash and decade-long downward spiral ridden with mystery symptoms that no conventional doctor she went to could identify… she was told countless times that her labs were normal and she was fine, all the while experiencing:

😣 Heart palpitations
😣 Poor sleep (2-4 hours at night)
😣 Skin coming off her face and bleeding for no reason
😣 Inability eat solid food

Eventually, practitioners started telling her that they couldn’t help her get well if she wasn’t going to eat meat… and she was so desperate that she finally acquiesced.

And she started getting better within WEEKS.

Why couldn’t she heal as a Vegan? Why did she have to defy her upbringing and convictions in order to get her life back?

Our bodies need the amino acids in animal protein, and it turns out it’s not uncommon for people to struggle to fully heal on a vegan diet.

As a practitioner, Monica has helped thousands of patients with mystery symptoms to fully heal and get their lives back.

In this podcast episode, she shares the pain and relief when she finally started getting her life back…and how she’s using her experience to help others heal.

In this episode, you will learn:
👉 Long-term effects of a diet that restricts a major food group

👉 How the liver functions as a detox organ and the importance of choline in detoxification

👉 Why you should never listen to anyone who tells you that what you eat doesn’t matter to your health and healing (a common refrain in conventional medicine)

👉 How your body responds when it starts getting the nutrition it needs

👉 How to confront the lifestyle and diet changes that you need to make in order to begin healing

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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