Senate votes on PACT Act veterans health care bill

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CNBC’s Ylan Mui joins Shep Smith to report on a major u-turn in Congress as Democrats and Republicans have reached an agreement to pass the PACT Act, which provides health and disability benefits to veterans. And economists debate the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 

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  1. *Overdue bill to help those who served
    *trying to buy veteran votes is transparent
    *anyone know how much pork it contains?

  2. And now some remarks about disabled veterans from the head GOP-er himself on his big July 4 parade: "I don't want any wounded guys" because it "Doesn't look good for me." –Donald Trump
    Keep votin' for Republicans and Trump 2024 there Veterans. Yessir!

  3. From the moment Joe Biden brought up burn pits and Bo, I knew money would be appropriated for victims of burn pits. Biden’s words were ‘we don’t know if exposure to burn pits caused Bo’s tumor’. Biden has found a way to replace some of the money he is losing in Ukraine. What a crook! He needs to hide his head in shame at the degenerate he raised who is a pervert, addict and crazy as a loon. I know one thing; any one can have a child go astray but the behavior Hunter is displaying was caused by horrible abuses he suffered as a child, probably at the hands of his father, who is a #1 pervert.

  4. Watch Congress meandering around the House trying to vote on the bill. It looks like a bunch of old people in a nursing home trying to get to the cafeteria for breakfast. They are all demented, have lined their personal pockets for years and don’t give a crap about Americans. It’s all a Ponzi scheme.

  5. I understand the bill allows for Congressional discretionary spending which means if our ‘American veteran loving’ crooked Congress members want to raid the funds set aside for veterans for one of their pet vote getting projects like the ‘green agenda’, LBGQwonk, wonk, wonk agenda, the CRT promotion agenda, the defund the police agenda, the welcome all migrants agenda and all their other country killing so called beliefs, they can take this money and reappropriate it for other ‘more important’ causes. There is one thing you can always be sure of; the Democrat liberal crooked snakes and the lazy butt Rinos NEVER tell the truth and the whole story. Just remember what Congress has done to Social Security, the added on giveaways in Obamacare, the increase in the welfare rolls and the $$$ that we are throwing at Ukraine, the MOST corrupt country in Europe and you can understand discretionary spending. Not even half of the money in this bill will get to the veterans. They will use the funds for their other stupid agendas and put veterans last, as they always do. And Jon Stewart looks like an idiot. He doesn’t care about veterans. He knows he has become totally irrelevant and is looking for a camera.

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  7. I don’t know where senator pat is from but who ever state he represents needs to vote him out of office his hypocrisy is very pungent

  8. Men and women in the military honorably served this country sacrificing their mental and physical health with some, unfortunately, paying the ultimate sacrifice to protect this country. THEY DESERVE A DAMN SPENDING SPREE!!!!!

  9. America doesn't have money to take care of veterans.
    We have a corrupt government who only help other countries to benefit themselves. 🙄

  10. I am so happy that they passed the pact act however let's not remember that they were the ones who rejected it first let our vets take advantage of all of this but in the meantime let's vote them all the Republicans out of office that stood against this and had the audacity the fist bump each other because they did

  11. So, the Democrat's snuck in $400 BILLION in a bill that they knew would just look bad for the Republicans (especially to their base) if the Republicans didn't pass this. Can someone verify that the Senate is going to revote on the part of the bill that contains that extra $400 BILLION?

  12. Jon stopped talking sht when he understand why lol, and Schumey didnt want the negative barrage that was to follow when focus turned to the b.s. he tried to sneak in there.
    Semper Fidelis

  13. Yes! but plese don't forget that the Repulicans voted against it at first. Says a lot about the GOP priorities.

  14. Democrats have been in power for how long and couldn’t do this decades ago, four hundred billion in spending not for vets

  15. And if you guys really falling for the believing that Republicans are the party that’s not supporting our veterans that doesn’t want a strong military oh my goodness I mean anyone with a brain knows that the Democrats restore Liam historically are pretty much are against military families they are again please

  16. I suggest everyone read this bill before you do your little comment because you have me you have no right to speak on something that you are uninformed about now you have an opinion about something but you don’t know the facts you don’t know what time you’re still not here none of you know what is in this$400 billion OK and not one dollar of it is going to any veteran or veteran hospital or anything having to do with vets….

  17. This was the democrats using vets, doing something they could have done anytime over the decades, I want to know why there is 400 billion dollars of money there with no destination on how it should be soent

  18. Maybe who should be outraged are the American citizens who were lied to by the fake media. I haven't heard once the mention in the Bill about the $400 billion dollars that the Democrats wanted to use for, "discretionary spending other than veterans", how about that one? Instead of saying how Republicans don't care about anyone except the rich maybe you should talk about that part of the bill. You really think that Republicans who are trying to stop illegals coming here and are not only bleeding our country but forcing our own citizens to be homeless are trying to stop American veterans from getting their just due?!?! Paleease.

  19. Now republicans want to be fiscally responsible!? We just had Trumps record deficit of 7.8 trillion a trillion of that a tax cut for the rich. And now some say we shouldnt spend money on veterans!? Fracken pathetic

  20. Does this include us Desert Storm veterans who were exposed to the burning oil well fire smoke for weeks on end not to mention Sarin gas exposure

  21. This is stupid bc it just makes the Republicans look even worse now. Unfortunately Trump supporters are still as blind as a bat. 3 bills have passed now in the last few months.

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