Senators Manchin And Schumer Reach Deal On Energy And Health Care Bill

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Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin unveiled that they reached a deal on a massive spending bill called the “The Inflation Reduction Act.” Rep. Ro Khanna of California speaks with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart about whether this bill can survive if it makes it to the House.

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  1. Joe Manchin is a sellout
    Bill gates bought his vote for the “Inflation Reduction Act”
    How much did he entice you joe to get this bill passed through while your hardworking constituents struggle to live life and support their families while you live in the Lap of luxury
    Shame on you joe no one is reducing inflation
    Watch it guys you are paying for bill gates pie in the sky dream

  2. Hey Schumer. What about the NY bagels that are spreading polio? What about the gays and the monkey pox epidemic? Blame it on climate change. You support these people. Filthy people.

  3. I hope Chuck sent Manchin flowers the next morning after screwing him and the country.
    This country deserves exactly what it’s getting from the trash it keeps putting into office. We are the laughing stock of the world.

  4. This was all about turning the IRS into the gestapo.Joe Manchin is a punk.His own people in his own state will bear the brunt of his punk hood.WV is hardly a rich state.It’s a working class state.They are the EXACT people whom the IRS is going after.And don’t allow 2 punk lawyers telling you any different.

  5. Manchin had to do something “Democratic” prior to the Mid-terms otherwise the writing was on the wall and he is too deep in and intoxicated with his/his family’s decades of “the elected to office and self-serving-liar lottery”. Finally Democrats are punching at their weight! Bout friggin time! Moscow Mitch the Terrapin B—-h and the Christian nationalists and other fascist Republicans have nothing to counter with because they have zero policy positions on anything to benefit Joe and Jill American. By the way – Joe and Jill are non-binary names so don’t try and come at me with any of your sexist crap all you Republican leaning and Maga orange mafia clowns.

  6. So does the “Healthcare” portion mean we’ll finally get MediCare for ALL? I can hardly wait to quit my job and live on UBI. 💰💰💰🤗
    Some call it the FIRE movement……I just call it Going Galt. 👍😉

  7. The Inflation Reduction Act, a slimmed down version of President Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) Act, will cost an estimated $433 billion, most of which will be invested in climate provisions, while increasing tax revenue by $739 billion.

  8. The chip bill passed contingent upon getting built in USA, but at the last minute Crooked chuck Schumer changed it benefiting his friends in China. How evil of him

  9. Another monster bill . These morons just can’t stop the spending. Now your taxes will rise! Are these dinosaurs for real? Can’t wait for midterms.

  10. MedMen stock Moving up now! Set your Family up for Life. Marijuana about to be legalized. Buy MedMen.. stock… today! MMNFF.

  11. It raises taxes on people making less than 400000. It has green loopholes for the rich. It hurts manufacturers and small business.

  12. There is no such thing as bi-partisan when it comes to this Congress. Schumer is a liar & a fraud he has been that way for 50 years. The same statement goes for Nancy Pelosi. Democrats plan to steal your vote & make it a Democrat run America. Democrats constantly lie & their play book helps them invent problems & stories.

  13. Welcome to democrat bizzaro world. Inflation reduction acts = $800 B in new spending during hyper inflation. While we’re at it, let’s raise taxes in a recession. You can’t make this stuff up.

  14. So many stupid Republican trolls in the comments section who can barely string sentences together….I am not surprised.

  15. Wow. Another chameleon named Joe. Biden made a career through corruption and giving lip service. Kamalalala made her career by simply giving lip service. She started as a boot licker. She now can't even orate a coherent sentence because she must talk while giving lip service.

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