Should Going into Medicine Mean Forfeiting Your Convictions?

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Picture yourself as a first-year medical student. Since you were young, you’ve dreamed of learning and applying the skills you’re just starting to acquire… all to help others live their healthiest life.

Yet, ever since you started medical school, you’ve noticed a growing tension between what your professors, medical school administrators, and the medical profession are requiring from you and the religious convictions that play a big role in your desire to pursue and practice medicine.

You might think laws protecting the free exercise of religion would be enough to protect medical students and practitioners facing these issues. After all, the God-given freedom to peaceably live and work according to your beliefs shouldn’t vanish just because you work in the medical field. But too often, these rights are set aside to achieve an ideological victory.

Americans should not be forced to act against their ethical and religious beliefs just to keep their jobs—doctors, nurses, and other medical providers are no different. The MED Act, passed by Arkansas in 2021, and similar conscience protection bills protect the ability of medical professionals to practice according to their oath to “do no harm.” And by protecting their oath to “do no harm,” we safeguard the right of patients to access high quality care from providers that respect their values.

Has your state taken action to fortify conscience protections for the medical community? Find out at You can also share your story with ADF if you’re a medical professional or medical student who has encountered discrimination.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Picture yourself as a first year med student and you saw something that didn't mesh well with your religious indoctrination. Then maybe your talents might be better elsewhere.

  2. Notice how all of the videos on this channel ultimately come back to lgbtq issues. I’m not judging, just observing. This channel seems a little homophobic and transphobic. And please stop calling trans men by she/her pronouns and trans women by he/him pronouns. This shows a lack of respect. Please try looking at it from our point of view at least.
    Edit: So I looked it up and this organization is apparently as an anti lgbtq+ hate group. That makes sense. They’re not worth anyones time.

  3. If it's not hurting anyone leave alone
    If you don't want to do it leave it alone
    Just let trans people, gay people and Pro choice people live

  4. 🍇 Happy Valentine's Day!🍇 May God's love and favor be overflowing in our lives to overflowing blessing to others. In Jesus name Amen. Philippians 1&4 IITIMOTHY 1&2

  5. This ad should be pulled because you're only trying to rope in gullible people. This religion BS goes both ways but I'm sure you over looked that like the way you blame the Biden administration for all of this even though it's nothing new

  6. Omfg cry me a river. First this has been going on since before the Biden administration so you can cut that BS out. Be a doctor or nurse or don't the choice is yours just like it's the patients choice to have those surgeries done NOT YOU. This is all about being a doctor and if your beliefs can't let you be a doctor for everyone THAN QUIT. PERIOD

  7. The problem isn't one's beliefs, but the lack of ability to respect the beliefs of others. I could be against the sky, but want to be a pilot. I am then faced with the choice between my beliefs (hating the sky) and wanting to be a pilot. You can choose to not do things that make you uncomfortable, but you can't stop others from carrying out their wishes just because you wouldn't make the same decision for yourself. If a patient has a Do Not Resuscitate, then you don't resuscitate them, regardless of whether you would yourself want that to happen to you. If you have strict moral or ideological beliefs, don't enter a scientific field where the normal operations frequently contradict your beliefs. Ideally, everyone would just let other people have their beliefs, but if you can't seem to do that around certain topics, then you should just pick a field where you can.

    thank you for coming to my ted talk (lol)

  8. Religious people who believe that a supernatural being controls our lives shouldn’t be in charge of life or death situations any way. And people who believe in end times shouldn’t be in charge of politics or government neither.

  9. As a nurse or doctor, if you can't bring yourself to perform or assist with a certain medical procedure then you REFER THE PATIENT TO A MEDICAL PROVIDER WHO WILL CONDUCT THE PROCEDURE!!
    Medical training is where you learn what you will and won't participate in (among other things). If you refuse to perform an abortion how will you heal a patient whose body won't expel a deceased fetus?
    How will you help a patient carrying a fetus so severely damaged that it will die during birth or suffer in agony for the short time it lives?
    Incidentally, open your bibles and read Numbers 5:11-31 for the Abrahamic deity's opinion on abortion.

  10. This is so annoying and stupid doctors need to stay out of their patient's lives like that don't project your beliefs on your patients

  11. your freedom to discriminate means less than nothing to me. most of the things you claim are your freedoms mean dogshit

  12. I gave a couple questions. One doctors are supposed to help people live so if you're just not going to help because it's not the ruling of an being who may or may not exist from a time when people thought the earth was flat and if I did a card trick I'd be burned as a witch the why are you a doctor helping people to live and not a mortician helping people to die? Also in the case of your beliefs did you know that eating cloven hooked animals is against the Bible? Finally if it's against your religion how'd you make it through med school? Like seriously you got a doctor's license with this specific thing outlined in your duties and what you told the teacher you were sick that week or you told the principal that you wouldn't do it and he let you graduate anyway? I think as bad as it seems that if you want to practice your beliefs and medicine at the same time go for your own doctor's office and stay out of the public one. Don't force other people to die because they came to you and you won't help

  13. It's illegal virtually everywhere for a "teenage girl" (a minor) to physically transition. The only gender-affirmative care available under 18 or 16 is puberty blockers at least in the uk. I'm sick of this fear mongering.

  14. It's that you should not change who your born as, except yourself for who you are. It's not even going to help when the real problem is mental.

  15. The reason why you get ‘discriminated’ against, is because you as a doctor should have the maturity to respect your patient as a person and respect what people want to do medically. Doctors are there to make people feel safe and to help them feel better, so why would you as a doctor, include your faith in the medical field, when this is a field where many people who aren’t of faith will be your patient? Imagine how unsafe a trans man would feel having the thought that their doctor puts their faith before respecting them and doing their job to make them feel safe. If you cannot do your job properly because of something else, don’t do it. You have other options that you can help people, that likely won’t mess with your faith. Don’t bring your faith into other peoples lives, it’s called faith because it’s not a fact, it’s a faith in something. And if your only argument about abortion is that it has life, you better be vegan. Those other animals have life too (and remember we are selves are animals, just one that developed a society) and those animals that are separate from us always experience more physical pain when being killed even for that second than a fetus can during a legal abortion. If you cannot handle doing the main part of your Job and the good part of making people feel safe, don’t work in the job. There are nursing homes pharmacy jobs that won’t harm you in that point. So why work In a job that makes others and yourself uncomfy since you can’t do it right because of your faith?

  16. This is what happens when you follow the tales of ancient goat herders. Science is about moving forward not looking back in the past. If you can’t handle that you don’t need to be in the profession. Simple as that. This utterly baffles me.

  17. Im BeInG DiScRiMiNaTeD fOr SaYiNg ThAt TrAnS PeOpLe ArE bAd AnD nOw My MeDiCaL LiScEnCe Is GoNe!!!!1!

    ADF, being annoying on youtube since 2018

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