Sugar and Your Brain

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What happens to your brain when you eat sugar? Will you get Dementia? Learn about the Shocking Link Between Sugar and Dementia

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🔷 What Really Happens In Your Body When Series:

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  1. 🍬🧠Get Healthy! Learn more about SUGAR & your BRAIN: What If You Stop Eating Sugar For 30 Days?

    🧠10 Warning Signs You Already Have Dementia

    🧠What Happens To Your BRAIN If You NEVER Exercise?

  2. Чудове відео ,як завжди.Ніхто не вміє так просто пояснити складні речі ,як др.Екберг.Дякую.Завжди з задоволенням дивлюся ваші відео.

  3. Just listened to Joe Rogan, he had on Max Lugavere, and was discussing the exact same topic. It's a very interesting listen and he brings up the same points that Dr Ekberg is in this video. Once again we learn that sugar is the enemy.

  4. First I thought "how can he write backwards that well?" But then I realized that "It doesn't work like that… He's using a mirror!"

  5. Another great one Dr. Thanks for presenting current, pertinent data. If we could only get all health care providers to listen. Excellent presentation!

  6. Thanks for your video Dr Ekberg
    This is particularly relavant to me trying to recovery from long covid with significant mental confusion and brain fog
    Im 6 days into my 7 day water fast which i think has helped
    Ive been keto for years and fasting for about 7 years intermittent and extended day fasts
    This 7 day fast will be my longest
    Been following your channel for a few years now and always enjoy your info
    Thanks again

  7. Dr Ekberg, I wish I had had the privilege to have you as a teacher when I started my nursing course in 2005. The knowledge I have gained since discovering your channel 2 years ago is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much!

  8. Dr Eckberg, thank you…you explained it much better than I could ever hope to and maybe now the people around me will listen and not think I am over reacting when I tell them what I tell them about salt sugar n fat, frying n intermittent fasting. Been forcing them to do more water too. Thank you so much Doctor for these videos 💖

  9. I was just mesmerized by the kind doctor's reverse drawing skills. Thank you Dr 😊. To recap keto/carnivore reduces the carbs = sugar = poison pill. Safe limit is about 4g/meal so that doesn't overspike insulin. To avoid AGEs eat simple meals to reduce protein-fat-sugar glycation volumes. Then IF to breakdown the rest of it.. + exercise.

  10. How can we find out if we have heavy metal in our body and how can we detox it ?
    Is zero sugar low carb high protein low fat diet as effective as high fat low carb with IF

  11. I ran across an interventional study a few months ago that concluded that the brain actually prefers ketones over glucose as an energy source. When ketones were administered to subjects exogenously along with glucose, there was a drastically reduced uptake of glucose.

    I think what originally led to the conclusion that the brain prefers glucose as a fuel source was analysis of post mortem brain tissue in humans that almost exclusively ate a standard western diet.

    Indeed, the brain absolutely does need some glucose (perhaps to facilitate firing of neurons more than as an energy source — similar to how muscles can use ketones for energy but still need glucose to facilitate twitch contractions). There is some disagreement in the medical community about what percentage of brain energy supply needs to be glucose but I think it’s really only about 30%.

  12. Many, if not most, illnesses we put down purely to aging are the accumulative effect of a bad lifestyle.

  13. Dr. Sten Ekberg, at one point you seem to say that ketones can bypass the glucose/insulin path of energy. But in another place you seem to say that if you have insulin resistance, it will interfere with getting energy through ketones. Could you clear that up for me, please? Thank you.

  14. The Amyloid plaques theory was recently debunked. Apparently there was fake data used in a study 16 years ago. A meta analysis of relevant studies was conducted. Seems to explain the 99% failure rate of Alzheimer’s drugs in studies. Probably billions of wasted dollars as well.

  15. Hi Dr. Ekberg! Which of the supplements on your website do you take—out of the CoQ10, RevaCel, NAC, MethylGuard, and Vitamin D. Is it fine for most people to take all of those on a daily basis?

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