The Best Covid-19 Home Test: PCR-Like Gadgets vs. Rapid Antigen Kits | WSJ

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Mannequins can get Covid, too.

New high-tech Covid-19 tests promise better and earlier detection of the virus—similar to a PCR test. WSJ’s Joanna Stern (and her mannequin clone) tried out the Detect Covid-19 Test and Cue Health Monitoring System to see how they compare with rapid antigen tests. Photo illustration: Ryan Trefes/ WSJ

Personal Technology With Joanna Stern
Technology is overwhelming and making decisions about what gadget to buy is harder than ever. WSJ personal tech columnist Joanna Stern makes it all a bit easier in her lively and informative videos.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Dude, I'm invested in this company. Sure the product isn't the next step into interstellar, but I'm betting its company will Perform well. Most Recent Target price is $8 a stock. As long as The Covid economy is alive, i'm Bull on this Market 😀🚀🚀

  2. Complete lack of detail of the antigens test. Yes, antibodies are used to detect epitopes, but how is the colour signal effected and how does the control band work? Typically controls are an independent test using a known positive, but these tests are all-in-one and I can’t figure out what the technology is doing precisely.

  3. Hello Joanna. I loved your video. I was just wondering how you got the doll head to test positive. Is it a special medical training/testing doll? Or did you put something in the nostril. Luv ur vids! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. No one is excited about this product. It’s over priced and just leaning on peoples fears. Do your reSearch before buying

  5. Cue will be connected to all devices which means when you protest the government, it will make your test result POSITIVE to keep you from getting food and basic needs met.

  6. This kinda the idea what theranos wanna be, but may be it more be realistic since it isn't a holly grail testing tool for everything

  7. Here is how I test, works all the time. Early morning, make an espresso from a freshly ground coffee. Does it smell good? Does it taste good? If so, you don't have covid.

  8. Crazy to think that some people live in so much fear (mainly thanks to COVID supremacists like WSJ) that they would actually get such a thing.

  9. I wish they would have given more specific details like the testing methodology. I wish she had tested daily with each of the tests for real life comparisons of efficacy

  10. wsj with apple will sell more vaccines by hacking into phone then say that customers used swab to clean ears or filled some other liquid in test tube or they tried to play a usb stick in cue reader or use detect hub as a pen stand

  11. Refusal to accept prior infection or positive antibody tests as proof of immunity is destroying our faith in the integrity of the medical community.

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