The Divide: Confronting Racism in American Health Care

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Delmar Avenue, which spans St. Louis, Missouri, from east to west, features million-dollar homes directly to the south and deep poverty to its north. The so-called Delmar Divide represents the racial and socioeconomic segregation that exists in many American cities.

That same racially driven divide also exists in the city’s health care. This film investigates the legacy of racism in health care in St. Louis and how one program is attempting to end it. Pipeline to Compassionate Care teaches St. Louis medical students about the ways systemic racism has been built into the health care system, how those injustices have affected people’s lives and health, and how they can be more compassionate and effective care providers.

Through interviews with Jamila Michener, Associate Professor, Co-Director, Cornell Center for Health Equity; Bethany Johnson-Jarvois, CEO of St. Louis Integrated Health Network; and Kaytlin Reedy-Rogier, Program Coordinator, Pipeline to Compassionate Care, viewers will learn how the program works to dismantle the effects of systemic racism in health care, one doctor at a time.

0:00 St. Louis’ Delmar Divide
0:36 The history of health care in St. Louis
2:38 Intro to the Pipeline to Compassionate Care
4:21 One medical students’ journey
5:56 Utilizing trauma-informed care and new practices
7:22 What does the future look like?

Learn more about the Commonwealth Fund’s work to advance health equity here:


Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. it's not racism, stupid commonwealth whoever the hell you are. it's POVERTY. and most poor americans are not black.

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  3. Value a human being giving them purpose (sometimes comes from within) , respect , and equity is key to closing the gap of inequities and decreasing sickness, especially mental.

  4. Anyone notice the severely segregated cities with night & day Healthcare for 2 races or 2 classes are Democrat? The party of equality and equity that pass that blame on the right have these problems and right wing cities see a more equal and diverse economic community!!!
    How does the party of equality have all the problems that they accuse their rival party of having?
    It's time to stop listening to these theories of oppression and organize your communities to serve its people. It can be done. It's just not going to happen from your politicians. The people must unite on a grassroots level and push fiscal redirection thru assemblies and protest. Not looting.

  5. How about you confront the fact that 95% of doctors are white. How about changing that? Why cant I see a black doctor

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