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Climate change is causing temperatures to rise. Extreme weather events and droughts are increasing. Springs and wells are drying up. And everyone needs more water. The battles for control over precious water reserves have begun.

In some countries, water has always been available in abundance – and is wasted carelessly every day. But the climate crisis is changing that. Because the climate is warming, everyone needs more water than ever: for drinking, agriculture and industry. Water is the new gold.

In many countries, the distribution battles for precious water reserves have already begun. In Mendocino, California, there is no longer enough water to flush the toilets. And in Germany, regional drinking water supplies collapse in hot weather. Groundwater levels have dropped to record lows in many places. Will we still have enough drinking water in the future? What happens when our water disappears?

This is a three-part documentary series:
Part 1: The fight for water –
Part 2: What happens when our water dries up? –
Part 3: Who owns water? –
Series playlist:

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  1. legit question not me trying to be dumb or ignorant, but how do we have droughts like this when sea levels are rising? I understand both are side effects of climate change, but I don't understand how an increase in sea water contributes to a decrease in ground water. Any explanation would be much appreciated!

  2. There is *PLENTY of water in the *AIR & we have the technology to no it, YOUR Corrupt GOVERNMENT wants GUNS & other nonsense, stop Beaching & put peeps in there to do it. C'mon now.

  3. Looks like the Germans are getting 'Low' on their shares, Water, Gas from Russia and having their economy collapsed by the 'Good ol USA' and the problem is >> They know it, have been warned about and seemingly looking forward to it >>> Good Luck Germany !!!

  4. I am (after 58 years) STILL ASTOUNDED to know that ocean water is ABUNDANT on your Planet Earth and you have not figured out how to make use of it. 🤯

  5. Water was here before us and water will here long after we leave. The water does not leave nor can it evaporate into space as it does freeze and fall back onto the planet, cycle one. Water has cycles of form, consumption, dehydration, evaporation and reformation. In fact there is no more or less water on this planet then there ever has been since it's formation. This is a fear based control effort on us to be obedient.

  6. Comment to Cloudy Boyy: I am so happy to learn from you that all of their water usage was in the past. Thank God they're not doing it presently. So evidently according to your text they're not doing it anymore and I am grateful for that. I did try to post under your comment but it said the resource was exhausted.

  7. OMG what a wad of nonsense… I'll save you the time: Nuclear power + desalination.
    The green party ignores the easy green solutions.

  8. Look at the pictures!!
    All conifers!
    Originally it was all mixed forest.
    Where is the groundwater coming from with no deep-rooted Trees???
    Wake up!
    Sleepy heads!

  9. You can recycle sink, shower water and urine………….. Save the plant – Eat plastic……………….

  10. The world is not running out of water. The results are cherry-picked and are not representative of the entire world. Some areas are drying and some are getting wetter, such as Africa. A large part of it is due to natural causes as well. I do think climate change is a problem, but I wouldn't take this documentary at face value if you care about the truth.

  11. People act like this is new. It’s been happening for many years in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. No one cares until it’s happening to them. Until it’s happening to “first world countries “ smh

  12. Imagine instead of seeing this as a crisis we approached it as an opportunity, conservation? Really? Why must we always pull back? We need to invent, and learn how to affordably turn the seas into fresh water. Owe we are you say?….one problem, governments incharge of it, giving those researching it, no motivation to come up with a solution anytime soon.

  13. Well, luckily when water shortages happen it's usually sunny and hot – so why not use the sun's energy to turn ocean water into clean water? Ships have desalinators on them, we need to work on developing this technology further. I know a basic system can use solar heat to evaporate and condense the vapour into clean water, so why don't they do this? Obviously there is a cost, but to say "we ran out of water" when they are sitting beside an ocean is rediculous. Water eventually will become more valuable and hence the costs for the equipment will become more reasonable.

  14. Liberals are draining California reservoirs and no one seems to care 😂🤣, when are people going to wake up and discover that voting for Democrats is a stupid thing

  15. i have watched them chemtrail the skies for years….we should have gotten tons of rain in CA but they would chem the skies and push the rain away. on top of that we are in a grand solar minimum event…things are going to get bad .

  16. A warmer planet would be a wetter planet.

    Cold shuts down evaporation that feeds cloud formation that brings fresh water rains that fills lakes rivers and underground sources.

  17. Mankind was given limited resources to use and use it as a slingshot to travel the cosmos and find new home but humans multiplied and exhausted the resources that in turn slowed human mind to evolve enough to travel the cosmos.

  18. California brought this it’s it’s self ! Haven’t built any new dams let’s all the water go to the ocean every year ! Where are all the desalination plants etc all they do is complain they steal our money and fix nothing

  19. Its funny how everyone is cry oh no water, we have a desert, and etc, but noone wants to plant trees, less rainforest, less rain. Stop cry and plant trees!

  20. So interesting. When resources run out animals move. I think its called migration. I could be wrong lmfao but pretty sure I am not.

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