The Most Dangerous Myths of Mental Health

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We all want more peace, but when we’re struggling with anxiety and depression, it can seem completely out of reach. So, let’s talk mental health! In this message, we’re addressing two dangerous myths about mental health so we can move past them and find peace.

Sometimes, we’re facing battles that no one else can see. Maybe it’s trying to move forward after loss or uneasiness about the future. What do we do when we don’t understand what we’re feeling and hope seems far away? In our new series, Peace of Mind, we’ll learn how to fight our mental battles and find peace.

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Unexpected Breakdown – 00:00
Battling Depression and Anxiety – 02:17
The Most Dangerous Myths of Mental Health – 03:02
God is My Peace – 04:26
What is Mental Health? – 07:17
Two Mental Health Myths – 08:38
God Cares About Your Mental Health – 13:04
Psalm 88 – 16:19
Getting Help Isn’t a Sign of Weakness – 19:19
Reconnect to God – 23:33
God is My Source and Strength – 27:44

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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  1. Pastor Craig , please pray for my daughter who is suffering from mental health, panic attack. She is 28 yrs old working as a nurse at “ICU” unit. Last 2 months ago she had an anxiety attacks. She is Seeing every help I.e. ( medical doctors, Christian counselling, psychologist, ..and she’s off work for almost 2 months now as she can’t focus on her work . We are a believer and we believe in the power of healing of Jesus Christ who suffer in the cross because of our sins. Your message about mental health is very true . I would like to ask for a. Prayer request for my daughter her name is “Stephanie” Thank you and may God Bless your ministry. Susan / Vancouver BC 🇨🇦 Canada

  2. IT IS NOT PRIDE BUT all the list you said about being depressed or mental health. accusations of your faith, you have a sin, you are not a believer etc etc etc etc.

  3. when discussing psychology christians will say it is NOT biblical or SELFISH. a pastor told me that SELF CONFIDENCE is S I N the middle of SIN IS I. self righteous pastors conclude that just because you are a christian or has redeemed you but actually christianity does NOT address that issue. also these self righteous pastors DO NOT experience REAL LIFE ! they just sit down & beg for money that is why they live a comfortable life. they condemn you that mental health or psychology is SIN but they use the defense of YE NOT JUDGE ME when confronted with their lavish lifestyle

  4. I truly am grateful to God for bringing me across pastor Craig's path virtually last year. This message is spot on.

  5. I'm glad I'm watching this because I struggle with mental illness I was in a life group recently but got told these things I felt it was my fault I knew it wasn't but I got discouraged just stop showing up to the group matter of my Facebook because I was tired of seeing things like you shouldn't be depressed or it's Satan who has hold of you is why your depressed because I believe in Jesus I love Jesus my faith is strong enough this is why I'm still here but I did stray because of the talk about being depressed wasn't accepted by some I know Jesus accepted me he made me he is always with me even though my darkest days I Thank him love him for everything..

  6. So glad to hear this. Also asking prayers for schizophrenic people. So difficult to treat and are SO subject to stigma too. Love on Christ

  7. 1, barely hanging on and angry at God. This world is cruel and people are cruel. I used to love people but have realized they reject me and tell me I am wrong. They have decide to tell me how I feel isn't real but all in my head. Who I love isn't real. Have realized family, friends and doctors just think I am a mental case and wrong about everything. I am broken and to this world a freak. I love to deeply and passionately. This world and its people look at me as a freak and loaer.

  8. Thank you so much for your message. It gives me hope that people with mental illness may be loved and understood. For far far too long people with mental and emotional struggles have been treated as if they didn't love God or didn't love him enuf. I am a Christian, i Love God more than any other person or thing. And i struggle sometime with anxiety. God gets me through it. He helps me and he loves me. Im Gods Child. And like all children theres a few skinned knees along the way. I am attending Life Church tomorrow in Shawnee Oklahoma to see the second message of this series. Can't wait. 💕

  9. Thank you for this lesson. It really helps to see others can see mental health in a Christian setting is okay.

  10. I am thankful for your journey with anxiety, because I was going through some trauma, anxiety, & depression & all I heard from others was I was sinning for having anxiety, and that I shouldn't have depression if I was close to God. In reality that time was heart-wrenching, but I grew closer to God through it. I knew what people were saying wasn't right, and seeking Christian counseling and hearing your messages on anxiety have helped me. I think anxiety is hard to understand for those that have never gone through it, so having a Pastor that has gone through it & is talking about it is such a blessing.

  11. Craig, thank you for talking about Mental Health. There is a mental health crisis in the world today. Not just in the world, but a major crisis in the church. Here are some stats for you: 1 in 5 individuals in the USA suffers with a mental health problem in a given year. 1 out of 25 individuals in the USA is dealing with a serious mental health disorder. Half of these individuals have the disorder in place by age 14. 75% of these individuals have the disorder in place by the time they are 24 years old. And lastly, over 40,000 individuals die from suicide each year.

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