The Motion Picture in Medical Education (Sturgis-Grant, 1962)

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Excerpts from a number of medical teaching films are shown. The purpose of this film is to stimulate the use of motion pictures in teaching medicine. Footage includes: the mitral valve in the beating heart of a dog; an animated diagram of a cardiac bypass experiment; cinemicrographs of the lymph vessels in the mesentery of the rat, including segments in phase microscopy and dark field illumination; cinefluorographic pictures of food and liquid being swallowed; close-up footage of a cannula being placed in the femoral vein of a cat; split-screen films of heart action and simultaneous electrocardiogram; split-screen films of the peristaltic action of normal intestines and the intestines after drugs have been administered; animated diagrams of embryonic development of the eye; the innervation of the salivary glands shown in animated diagrams; time-lapse photomicrographs in histological studies; cinemicrographic studies of disease processes, shown is the “sludged blood” of a Rhesus monkey with malaria; an autopsy showing the examination of the cranial cavity and the removal of the brain; cinemicrographs of E. coli before and after the addition of penicillin; development of bacterial colonies on a nutrient medium shown in time-lapse photography; ovulation in the rat; live footage and drawings of breast examination for cancer; the surgical approach to the hip joint in live footage and drawings; schematic diagrams of a finger fracture of the mitral valve, and the same procedure in live action; endoscopic footage of a soft tumor of the bronchus, and of papilloma of the trachea, and of bronchial asthma. The advantages of using film rather than some other medium are pointed out in each instance. Shots include: a woman handling film with gloves on, and splicing two pieces of film together; cans of stored film.

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