The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health | Julia Rucklidge | TEDxChristchurch

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  1. If anyone would like to know the nutrient brands used in these studies here they are .2 different kinds . Hardys daily essential nutrients or truehope essential minerals .I've been on them for 18 months .The vitamins you buy over the counter are not even close to the quality and dosages of these .I imagine they're not named in the video because she wouldn't want to appear like she's selling anything .Anyhow been life changing for me treating manic episodes , psychosis and adhd.

  2. I remember teaching a young autistic boy a few years ago. He couldn't make eye contact with me or talk for months. Suddenly one day he started looking me in the eye and uttered a couple of words. What changed? The only thing the mother could attribute it to was that she'd started him on a new vitamin the week before. I can't remember exactly what it was but it was something to do with Arctic fish / seaweed (I think!) & the change was profound

  3. The problem is that the "cost savings" is actually a perverse incentive for the people/companies who control our medical/food systems. Cost savings reads as profit reductions and eliminating the need for pharmaceuticals.

  4. I wish that links to all the studies where included in the notes so that others could more easily find them to show their doctors.

  5. Thinking about how many children are not even able to get a decent meal…but are hungry every day…that is a spirale down for so many people. I am thinking about the US where this is a massive thing. Poor families that can not provide proper food or food at all. Kids eating once a day at school…I can't even think about it without crying inside

  6. What if I told you our grandmothers have been right all along? What If I told you what she’s talking about is not only known, but a given in most non-western cultures.

  7. I have an even better solution to reduce the mental health diagnosis: instead of add more and more label on mental health condition, almost all on a political fashion, delete all the non-scientifically justified disorder labels. Magically we will see the mental health diagnosis dramatically fall. However I agree that improving nutrition can be highly beneficial for all of us.

  8. There is always a cautionary remark when it pertains to something that is very good for us.

  9. this cause me to remember a video that mentions that lead is harmful for mind, seems this: "The Man Who Accidentally Killed The Most People In History" by Veritasium, 22.4.2022.

  10. The watery page extremely injure because beech paradoxically scribble through a outstanding sauce. separate, large sea

  11. The weak side of this lecture is that it does not tell exactly which micronutrients are needed and in which doses. Micronutrients are necessary for normal body function, but they can also be hazardous if overdosed. 15 pills a day of an average micronutrient supplement is quite likely to do more harm than good.

  12. Interesting, however, an increase in diagnosis could be due to increased awareness. Also there might be a selection bias when comparing groups of people who took medication vs people who did not. The people who took medication are more likely to be severe cases anyway, which could also explain why they are worse off later.

  13. Problem is Modern Working Mothers & the Lazy bad ones Do Not Want to Cook nutritional foods. So they have to pay the prize of a Mentally ill Child.

  14. As someone who is suffering from anxiety disorder and adhd, I can attest to the fact that every word in this video is spot on!!!

  15. Do you not think it's funny that he goes his entire life washing his hands with awesome possum the moment he stops he dies from not watching his hands anymore from that awesome possum let your kids eat m&M's off the floor so when they're 25 and they eat pizza that was on there counter for 3 days they're not going to get botulism because their stomachs can handle it I only wash my hands when I need to.




  17. we are walking chemicals and if we believe in the power within ourselves to understand this and which chemicals are right for our individiual DNA we will survive! – there is a lot of failure in fast food and we must make the change by eliminating them from our life. Remove all from life.

  18. I think to conclude that medications does not help because cases aren't decreasing seems to not consider the world being a lot more hard to deal with. So much more input, choices, people, demands, increasingly more complex healthcare/financial etc systems. I mean 50 years ago is the worst possible time to compare us with.

  19. She seems to think autism is mental illness. Autism is not a product of poor nutrition. Nutrition is important, and can certainly prevent diseases to which our genetics our predisposed. However, she seems to conflate the fact that more people are getting properly diagnosed with autism with a rise in more people having autism than ever before due to a lack of nutrition.

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