The Three Factors of Gnosis: Death, Birth & Sacrifice

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Discover the three essential ingredients to revolutionize and awaken consciousness: a path of love which involves internal death, spiritual birth, and helping humanity. The three factors are the keys to transform our lives into a greater purpose:
• Death: purification of pride, anger, lust, envy, etc
• Birth: liberation and actualizion of virtue and right action
• Sacrifice: attainment of service, charity, selflessness, bodhichitta, etc

In Mahayana and Tantrayana Buddhism, these three factors are taught in the following order:
• Death: to cease harmful action and eliminate its causes
• Birth: to adopt virtuous action and support its causes
• Sacrifice: to work for the benefit of others

0:00 – To Die Is To Be Born
8:48 – Balancing The Three Factors
14:27 – The Three Factors As Taught by Jesus & Buddha
20:12 – The Three Factors Are One Movement
26:22 – A Friend On The Path

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  1. you can love with a relationship you build with yourself cant you of course you find love through others but aint they just projection of you so you're technique loving yourself ? or am i over thinking very good content none the less

  2. I know the science behind why we help others we are helping ourselves or why we talk or think about to or someone else we are saying or thinking ourselves

  3. I am new to all these concepts…but after watching your videos…there has been a spark in my life….some are hard to understand…so i watch it again n agin so that i understand….
    Could you please comment here,
    wt Should i start of learning a university syllabus …i too want to learn understand and implement…
    Pls tell me wt should i start of with books / videos!!?

    Thank you for your time and efforts taken…🙏

  4. Thank you Gene. You are a beautiful guiding soul and your teaching moves me every time I listen. With love and gratitude 🙏🏼

  5. Hey Gene,

    I actually wrote another long comment yesterday, but somehow my device, internet or whatever didn't register it properly, so here we go again.

    First of all, your depiction of a Bodhisattva as someone with a "natural wish and compassion to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings" instantly think "Well, that sounds a lot like you". Don't know if you would describe yourself as such, but I think the term really suits you. Then again, it's not about the terms we ascribe to something, but what they are in nature and I'm really grateful for what your nature self is and does (I know, I've said that already, but I really like genuinely thanking people and the universe (Thanking is also described as one of the three fundamental methods used by shamans according to Jakob Oertli, along with praising and seeing. Sadly I cannot find an english version of his book, but it would roughly translate to "Shamanic Healing – Why we get sick and how we heal again", to anyone who wants to look for it))

    And now to my actual questions.

    1. As I've mentioned in my other comment, I'm a big fan of Abraham Hicks and especially their teaching of the "Emotional Guidance Scale". Have you heard about it and what are your thoughts about it? If you haven't, you can find it quickly by googling.
    It's basically a scale of 22 fundamental emotions, which are ordered from not aligned to completely aligned (meaning, how much in tune one is with their inner being/ soul/ astral body/ source or whatever one might like to call it). Personally this was the final key for me to rise above my depressed ego and become conscious and joyful again.
    I could imagine, that it might be helpful for a lot of people, who either can't (and probably shouldn't) AP, because they're in a dull, grey place emotionally or maybe just lack the ambition, because they're somewhere in the middle of the scale, which gives them no reason to desire a higher state of consciousness.
    It also might be helpful to use, if one is trapped in the lower astral (maybe even regularly) and is incapable of rising beyond.
    If someone would like me to go in depth about the application of it, I'd be happy to expand.

    2. Have you ever tried fasting before AP?
    I know, eating a meal directly before AP can be a disturbing factor and I recently started intermittent fasting again (I eat one big meal and fast for the other 22-23 hours of the day) and it tremendously helped me in gaining clarity and mental ease. Again, I think this might be helpful for a lot of (or at least a couple) APers out there, so I'd really appreciate your take on it.

    3. Finally, regarding the aspect of "benefitting others" I'd like to object to your statement, which sounded rather absolute. I think blindly benefitting others can be dangerous, if one is not in touch with himself, as it can lead to a "helper ego" or "helper syndrome", which certainly doesn't aid in gaining enlightenment/ rising one's consciousness/ becoming aware.
    Benefitting others works best and helps the most, if he is already in touch with himself and the universe, if he has the necessary trust and confidence to live freely. Otherwise it can easily lead to self neglect and furthering one's suffering. I've had such phases myself, that's why I'm really aware of it when it comes to that and I don't want anyone else to reduce himself to a mere tool and destroy himself in the pursuit of bettering the world.

    Really wanted to adress this, so yeah… Thanks again for taking the time to make this incredibly helpful content and engaging with your viewers.

    Hope you have a good one.

  6. You say that the cross represents the yin and yang. So I suppose the horizontal line is yang and the vertical is yin?

  7. I have questioned in myself often, and has been a block of sorts on my path; Can one truly be free from expectation/innocence of intent when specific instructions have been given? Instructions that are in some ways dogmatic?

    I've often wondered and was shown light on how Original sin breeds manipulation of one's own redemption; In essence that if one is simply following rules to avoid "Hell" for instance(outside of causing harm to someone/stealing/etc) is it really pure? Or is it just a pseudo plea to the God's for mercy?

    How can one both know it wants liberation(As only a ego can want that) and also know that the desire of it is based on the idea one is flawed and thus is stemming from fear?

    Paradox in Infinity seeking a final equation that countless have espoused yet can only be experienced within.

    ☀I know nothing🌑

  8. Hey Gene,

    first of all, thank you for the video. Interesting, enlightening and comprehensive as usual.
    Second of all, and most importantly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul.

    Last year I crashed very hard emotionally, again. I was feeling powerless, meaningless and empty, went through depression and have had several psychotic breaks (rather short, but exhausting and frightening nonetheless) and stumbled upon one of your videos. It was the Chakra series and since I was interested in this topic since the age of thirteen or so, I was instantly hooked. It felt like a little spark found its way into the perceived darkness/ greyness of my soul.
    I felt the truth behind your words and experiences and it perfectly matched with what I inherently knew to be true, even if I didn't know it consciously at that particular time.

    When I looked into the topic of Astral Projection, 90% on your channel, I gained hope and felt like there was a way out of my misery, so I went deeper. But after getting into the zone, I very quickly felt the old, burdened fears inside me rise again and this time I understood its message. I couldn't run away from it, but I had to spend some time on healing from within, instead of numbing and distracting myself or running away.

    I pretty much tried to meditate and introspect, whenever I had the mental and emotional capacities to do so. Thanks to a book (Healing Power of Illness – Understanding Symptoms by Ruediger Dahlke, big recommendation to everyone who struggles with any illness) I learned to approach things more intuitively and analogically, rather than rationally and chronologically, which (in my opinion) is a way better approach to emotional problems.

    So after running in circles and bit by bit approaching the roots of my problems and the core of my being, I stumbled upon Abraham Hicks Teachings and gained a deeper understanding for the roots of my problems and the source of my being. I then used her emotional guidance scale (again, BIG recommendation for anyone who's struggling emotionally) during relaxed meditation (works way better than focusing and tensing up for me) and finally managed to feel alive and well again.

    I spent the last one or two weeks on stabilizing my state of being and working out my problems bit by bit (still quite a mountain left, but now I don't feel overwhelmed by it, but rather looking forward to learning and rising through integrating and overcoming these experiences) and I didn't have another breakdown. Now, one or two weeks might sound like nothing, but for my level of usual instability this feels like years and an enormous burden is lifted off of me, thanks to deeply knowing that I am and will be well.
    It's also not like nothing stressfull happened, but whenever anything unsettling occured I managed to catch myself, become aware and rise back into a comfortable state of being within mere minutes.

    Half of my life consisted of dullness in the best case scenario and terror in the worst case and I finally managed to get to the very core of it, heal it and let go of it and you have sparked all of this. I'm incredibly thankful for the work you do and wanna thank you from one being to another. Thank you for everything you do, thank you for providing it all for free (currently broke, so even ten bucks might have prevented me from gaining this wisdom and healing with the help of it) and thank you for spreading consciousness in this magnificent world.
    Also, I look forward to supporting you financially as soon as I got my feet properly back on the ground again. As I said, lots of recovering in pretty much every aspect. But the motor is running now and well intact again, so it doesn't really matter how far and bumpy the road is, as I can now again drive it with ease and joy.

    I originally wanted to adress some of the aspects you covered in this video as well, but I already feel like I've written a book in the comment section, so I'll do this another day in a seperate comment.

    I hope you and everyone reading this has a wonderful day, a magnificent week and a deeply fulfilling life.

  9. You should check the channel name Sam the illusionist.. this dude also explain death and birth stuff a lot and especially extraterrestrial stuff 😅.. m not his fan but I think that should be familiar toward you

  10. It’s already been said, but thank you for all of this information you’ve shared with the world. It’s been a grind, I can see but your efforts are about to be rewarded. 🙏 Namaste

  11. The thing I’m struggling with rn is that I know I ain’t nothin but the people around me keep making it seem like I am something and I believe I know why but I’m trying to help them see what makes me what I am but they just reject it so that’s really hurting my walk but I’m optimistic that I’ll find a way to overcome. If you have any wisdom to bestow I’m all hears

  12. Hello Gene,

    I just wanted to personally thank you for the content you share for free. it is truly priceless content and I cannot believe I get to have a teacher like you after so many years of looking for the right one.
    I wish I could support you on Patreon but I live in a country where we do not have the concept on an international card haha, even online purchasing is limited.
    I truly believe in the importance of what you do and share and the way you deliver the information is smooth and easy to digest.

    Thank you again for all what you do and if there is any other way we can contact you or join the community please share because I have so many questions and Im interested on your take on them.

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